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Writers Hart Snider; country Canada; Duration 75 Min; THAT HIGHER LEVEL follows the 100 musicians who make up the National Youth Orchestra of Canada over the course of two months of training and touring across the country. Embedded with the orchestra throughout, filmmaker John Bolton weaves together footage that captures the essence of the training institute and, eventually, the journey and performances on tour

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This set is incredible. Thank youuuuuu Johnny M. Watch full length that higher level youtube. Watch Full Length That Higher level domain. Αψογο. <3. Listened to this on the radio, road trip across Wyoming with my work colleagues/friends. Dark night, snow drifting across the road, Teton mountains in the distance. Made me feel incredible. I noticed while reading some reddit threads that there is a certain section of the Star Wars fan base that believes that Disney should adapt the two KOTOR games as their new trilogy of movies. This bothers me because the KOTOR games, in particular the first one (which will be my primary focus) do not have a conducive narrative structure to be directly adapted without substantial and foundational changes to become a good movie. There is a fundamental difference in how video games and movies are structured, and this is often part of the reason why video game movies tend to be, well, shit. I intend to break down why the narrative structure used in many popular video games, especially rpgs (which are most big narrative focused games these days) do not translate well at all to the narrative structure of a film script/movie. Part 1: The Pacing and Exploration One of the defining features of video games is the implementation of narrative choice. KOTOR is an rpg, and pushes that element further than most other game genres. A character in KOTOR can make a huge number of choices, such as companion interactions, quest decisions, and moral choices. But there is a principle choice that exists in many exploration focused and open world rpgs that doesn't really get discussed, but is incredibly important when discussing how to convert a video game into a movie adaptation. That is the pacing of the exploration and the focus on the engaging world over the engaging plot. RPGs such as KOTOR tend to allow the player an enormous amount of latitude when it comes to how long they want to spend in an area and how much they want to engage with the side content. KOTOR actually has more difficult enemies at higher levels due to less scaling than you would see in say TES, meaning engaging with the side content is necessary. And in a video game that is not a bad thing. Many of the best quests and moments from that game are in that side content. It can vary from exploring the scenery, talking with NPCs, reading text logs, and side quests. But this creates a fundamental problem when converting it to film. Because there is so much content, and those side quests are so essential to the story and themes of the KOTOR games, you cannot easily cut them from a movie without fundamentally rewriting the story. In KOTOR it is perfectly acceptable to spend hours exploring the ruins of Taris. However, there is supposed to be a ticking clock, and this is an element that would need to be introduced to keep narrative tension in a movie. You see this problem a lot in video games. Skyrim is infamous for having this huge world ending threat, but you can spend 95% of your time dong other stuff and nothing happens. KOTOR 1 in particular has this at several stages. The Taris example is key, as you see Malak grow more and more irritated, but there is nothing pushing the player to actually hurry up and get off world with the key to defeating the Sith. This exploration side of video games also influences how we perceive the plot that brought us to any given point. Since the player is the one finding and fighting for the solution to a problem, we tend to attribute more impact and value to that result than we would as a passive observer (such as in a movie. There are usually several solutions to quests in good RPGs (KOTOR 2 is great at this) and the choice between them gives a narrative dilemma and tension that is not present to an outside observer. In addition, the simple act of following instructions (such as when the party must get into the Sith Base on Taris) results in that plot feeling much stronger than it actually is (an outside character hands the party a solution, you follow a droid that sneaks around and does a thing, then you all break in and fight, really basic and not great as a simple engaging element that is supposed to be like a heist. Part 2: Overall Structure The impact of exploration helps hide some of the weaker elements of the plot of KOTOR 1 that would be painfully apparent in a movie adaptation. While the principle plot is fairly basic and functional (stop the Big Bad Evil Guy and his superweapon is pretty traditional Star Wars) the mechanics of it are, shall we say, trite. It is literally a fetch quest. You find several star maps, see some pretty locales, and take your time as needed in the side quests since if you just blitzed the star maps you would have a real short experience. And in a video game, this works. Because it is a scavenger hunt, some of the narrative tension of stopping Malak is lessened. But the actual driving force of the plot is a series of MacGuffins, which are unrelated to any character development or growth. Most side characters are completely independent of the plot in KOTOR 1 (something that is much better in KOTOR 2) and you would basically need to invent a reason for Revan to go get the Star Maps besides wanting to get it on with Bastilla and "Destiny. If you were watching KOTOR as a movie, most of the plot would be similar to the Rise of Skywalker, jump from one planet to the next, see a neat set piece, move on. There is basically no character interaction in the plot. Bastilla is the only character who actually changes, and even that is somewhat contrived. The structure of the game's main plot is also very basic and would not keep an audience engaged. You have the initial escape from Taris, which is mostly about self preservation and so doesn't involve the characters. You have the brief training montage on Dantooine, then you start the scavenger hunt. You get to explore things like Maanaan's neutrality and the Sith Code on Korriban, but in a movie these would be fleeting at best and lack the impact of engaging with and making decisions that the game possesses. And what makes a lot of video games great is that the player can chooes the direction of the plot, but this in turn really limits the narrative tools you can use without making the player feel forced into something. This is another reason why KOTOR failed to create a dynamic and character driven plot, because you cannot predict what kind of character the player is playing. Part 3: Why Obsidian is still making good games and Bioware isn't KOTOR 2 is vastly better than KOTOR 1, and I don't think that is really debatable. I'm speaking from a purely narrative driven direction. Obsidian made the game progress so that you can see things like character growth, debates on morality, deep themes, and more. I think this is because Obsidian actually made an effort to include things from the narratives of movies that Bioware skimped on because the exploration aspect of KOTOR 1 was so strong. If you think about something like the character interactions in KOTOR 2, you can see that other than some emergent events in the world, most of it can be done without relying on exploring. You could easily import many of these elements into a movie and see a great story. KOTOR 2 actually has themes of determinism, self reliance, and morality, KOTOR 1 breaks down to "kicking puppies is bad. oooh you were dead all along (basically. and "ooh look at all the Star Warsy stuff. I think this is why you see Bioware shifting away from the various narrative elements in their games to focus on exploration and short side quests (Dragon Age Inquisition was the start of this, but Anthem is by far its apotheosis. Obsidian on the other hand went much further in on character interactions, themes, philosophy, and actually having a cohesive and well paced story (see Tyranny, PoE 1&2, The Outer Worlds. Bioware has always been more reliant on having interesting character to talk to and explore than characters that develop. Bioware has always made their worlds with a focus on cool things to see instead of things that connect to the characters. Could you make a good movie off of KOTOR 2? It would take some trimming but the bones of a movie narrative structure are there (unlike most video games. You start similarly to KOTOR 1, trapped and needing to escape. But instead of a generic enemy you have a cool mystery of killer robots, and a villain with an excellent visual design attacking you. This leads organically to Telos, where you must reach the surface and encounter a character with a deep personal connection to the protagonist. This leads to you going after each Jedi Master to save the galaxy, but also to understand your character's personal struggle and loss of the force. Then you must confront each villain, who represents a different theme on how we react to a loss of control (Nihlism (Nihlus) Indulging(Sion) Violent attempt to take Control Back (Kreia. and deal with your own solution to that question. The structure of the narrative can be cut down to movie length and maintain the key themes and ideas, and you can keep several side characters for their arcs (Hand maiden, Atton, and Visas are who I would go with. But this is because Obsidian writes their stories to a much higher (arguably more cinematic) standard than most rpgs. The only games with a comparable focus on themes and characters is the Last of Us, and the Witcher 3 (both about parenthood. I don't believe you should write a KOTOR 2 movie, since it is somewhat reliant on the first game's plot being known to you, but it is doable. Conclusion: How to move Star Wars and Video game adaptations forwards Honestly this reactionary dive towards things that Star Wards has done well in the past is the wrong direction to take the franchise. It is arguably what sank the writing of Rise of Skywalker. As much as I have issues with how the Last Jedi handled its tone and plot, I do agree that Star Wars needs to try things that are novel. Star Wars is a great setting and you can write great characters in it. The Mandalorian is a great example of this. You could do a great KOTOR prequel about the Mandalorian Wars, and basically make a great redo of the Prequels. You could do a trilogy about pirates in the outer rim. You could do an X-Wing trilogy. There are loads of options. But blindly going back to well reviewed Star Wars products and recreating them is what caused this mess (I don't think it is an accident that the terrible Dark Empire comic shared a lot of plot elements with Rise of Skywalker. In terms of video game adaptations, Hollywood is slowly getting it. What makes video games great is exploration and player choice. Because of this video game worlds like in Bioshock, Mass Effect, and even the KOTOR games are very well built and thoroughly designed, with loads of things to pull from. Assassin's Creed, despite being a bad movie, did at least understand that you don't need to do a straight 1:1 copy of the structure of the original video game, you just need to couch it in the same world. You can set movie and TV adaptations in the world of a property and get many of the same benefits, while keeping the narrative and character focused elements that make an engaging piece of non-interactive media. Non-interactive media tends to skip the world step, and stumbles because of it ( cough Bright cough, I just want a god damn Shadow Run movie, is that too much to ask. I don't think people really want to see a 3 hour fetch quest with the big twist that was only as impactful as it was because it connected a NPC with a PC. But you can still use those characters, you can still take elements, side quests, and world building from KOTOR 1 and 2 and create a good movie out of it. We might see the Rakghoul storyline in the Mandalorian. You could see the Manaan kolto selling dilemna in a regular mainline movie. You can do a KOTOR prequel. But adapting the game in anything close to actually being an adaptation would bring the limits of both types of media to full display.

Bought the vinyl today. Top track. Artist: Danny Brown Album: uknowhatimsayin¿ Listen: YouTube Spotify Apple Music Tidal Background by /u/nullplotexception 38 year-old rapper Danny Brown grew up in Detroit, Michigan. His mother and father were 17 and 16 years old at the time of his birth. At a very young age, Danny Brown knew he wanted to be a rapper. He says he got his start in kindergarten, when he was asked to bring something in for show-and-tell. He comments that he "had nothing to show or tell. So I [was] just like, forget it, and just rapped in front of the class — and then everybody went crazy. Danny Brown's parents did their best to keep Danny Brown in the house and away from trouble in the Detroit streets. Eventually, however, he out-grew their parentage and explored Detroit on his own. Brown began selling weed at 18, which lead to an 8-month stint in jail drug possession just a year later. After his release, Brown was again caught with marijuana, a violation of his probation, which lead to him spending more time in jail. This time when he got out of jail, he decided he was going to put more energy into his music career. Brown notes that he always knew he wanted to be a rapper and that he only sold drugs because everyone else was doing it. Brown began rapping with fellow Detroit rappers Chip and Dopehead in a trio named Rese'vor Dogs. Together, they released an independent album called Runispokets-N-Dumpemindariva. Brown then had a brief partnership with Travis Cummings of Roc-A-Fella Records. Brown began recording music in New York studios for Cummings, but this partnership eventually faltered and Danny returned to Detroit. Brown released a few mixtapes throughout the late 00s, namely It's A Art, the Detroit State of Mind series, and Hot Soup. After Hot Soup, Brown released his first studio album, The Hybrid with independent label Rappers I Know on March 16th, 2010. Brown recorded the album in Black Milk's studio between 3AM and 6AM, as that was the only time the studio was not already in use. The hard work paid off for Danny, who got signed to Fool's Gold Records less than a year after The Hybrid. Brown began work on his next release XXX, which was released on August 15th, 2011. XXX, perhaps the most experimental record of Danny Brown's, was met with widespread critical acclaim, earning a Metacritic score of 83/100, something Brown was very proud of. Danny truly pushes the envelope on this album, using his famous cartoon-like voice over 19 tracks produced mainly by other mid-west producers. The lone guest verses on this album were from Chip and Dopehead of Rese'vor Dogs. Brown starts the album rapping about drug use in songs like XXX and Die Like a Rockstar, then moves to talking more about his upbringing and life in Detroit from DNA onward, around the midpoint of the album. This style of splitting his albums into two halves was continued on his next full length project, Old. Old enjoyed the most commercial success of all his albums, peaking at #18 on the billboard charts. It followed a similar style to XXX, but had a stronger list of guest features with AAP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q, and Freddie Gibbs all delivering verses on the album. That said, the label did delay the release of the record for seemingly no-reason. Danny's next project is Atrocity Exhibition. The album features Danny Brown rapping with a more bleak outlook on life than at probably any other point in his career. His first line in the music video for Ain't It Funny, a track off the album, is "I'm empty inside. It's an incredibly emotional tour through his life, which he describes as being in a Downward Spiral. The album was met with great critical acclaim, but garnered very few sales. Brown later tweeted "Never spend 70k on samples for an album that no one buys cause you will be in debt. when asked what he learned from making the album. For the next few years, he was fairly quiet. He resurfaced on twitch, streaming himself playing videogames and interacting with fans. On this platform, occasionally playing clips of some of the songs that would appear on his next album. He announced earlier this year that he would be releasing an album that featured production from Q-Tip and a few other big names. He released Dirty Laundry as the album's first single a few months later, then the song Best Life, and finally 3 Tearz. This all lead up to a October 4th release of uknowhatimsayin¿. Review by /u/nullplotexception uknowhatimsayin¿ starts off slower than some of Brown's previous albums with the Paul White produced Change Up. Brown over a subdued beat about everything from struggling to pay his rent, drinking away his problems, trying to maintain his legacy, avoiding people who want to leech off him, but not wanting to give up on himself despite all of this. The long list of topics Brown mentions in this rather short track unfortunately don't come together as well as I would like. Still, it gives good context and insight into Brown's life that help make later songs on the album easier to understand. The album picks up a little more on the next song, Theme Song, which features more lively production than the previous track. Brown sarcastically calls the song the "Theme Song for bitch ass n. s" calling out Eddie Long and pop culture influencer. But Danny really hits his stride on the next track, Dirty Laundry. Brown approaches the song like a stand up comedy routine. He raps about selling drugs to his father, selling crack that went through the laundry and now tastes like soap, and getting into a fight with a man for sleeping with his the mother of his child. Brown caps it off with a story about a stripper that he paid for sex with change. Danny's personality really shines through on this track; listening to this track makes listeners feel as though they are having a conversation with Danny, who's telling ridiculous stories from his life over a few beers. The stories on this track, as it turns out, are completely fictional and made to give the something to laugh at. The first three tracks build on one another fairly well. Brown, who is known for rapping in his crazy high-pitched voice, starts off the album using a more conventional voice. By Dirty Laundry, his voice gets much closer to what it sounded like on some of the first few tracks of Atrocity Exhibition. It's not actually as off-the-wall as in past albums, but it's definitely noticeable. Next up is 3 Tearz, which features Run the Jewels. Killer Mike and El-P provide guest verses on the track, which is produced by JPEGMAFIA. The production is not as crazy as one would expect from a JPEGMAFIA song though, and the guest verses take away from the atmosphere Danny created in the first few tracks of the album, as they don't provide as much perspective into Danny's life. The following track, Belly of the Beast features Obongjayar. The verse on this song is recycled from a Tim Westwood freestyle Danny Brown did in 2013. Likewise, the track has a XXX drugged out feel to it: the song starts with the lyric "Maniac off Xanny bars, sack like Santa Claus and continues to tell a story about a "wack as hell" threesome. The track stands out for being having more vintage, crazy Danny Brown lyrics than the rest of the album, but not enough to completely break the flow of the album. Still, I don't find myself coming back to this song over other songs on the album because the beat seems to not have enough energy to match up with the lyrics. The original freestyle uses the beat from Pusha T's, Numbers on the Board which suits the first verse far better than the beat that made the album. The second half of this album is where Brown truly hits his stride. Savage Nomad features the some of the more intricate flows by Danny on the project. Featuring a guitar sample from Czech artist Ota Petrina. Danny Brown calls himself a modern Savage Nomad gangster who steals scales from his school, drives an old Cadillac, and burns trash to stay warm. The topics on this song aren't out of this world, but it's Danny's clever wordplay that really brings his description of his oddball style to life. Danny brags that he's "Always on some different shit" and that other rappers are simply offer the same shit, different porta-potty. The song ends with a sampled drum breakdown from the intro of the song Sancocho De Medula by Ofrenda and Vytas Brenner. Though the two samples on this Playa Haze produced track come from two completely different places in the world, they sound beautiful on the same track and really work to compliment one another. The drums at the end give the song punch, pushing the tempo of the album higher as we get into the second half of the album. Next up is Best Life, one of the singles released ahead of uknowhatimsayin¿. On Best Life, Danny brings the most hopeful, forward-thinking mind-set mindset to a track I've ever heard him bring. Unlike previous albums, where the second half of the album carries the heavier, more bleak songs that remind the listener how tortured Danny Brown's life has been and how he's left with little hope, Danny Brown announces on this track that he's committing to living a more healthy life. Danny decides to "let the past be the past" and focus on living his "best life. Sonically, Best Life has a more vintage, 90s feel to it than any Danny Brown beat I've heard since EWNESW, partly because it's produced by living legend Q-Tip. Brown continues with titular track uknowhatimsayin¿. The line "know what I'm sayin' is every other lyric in the verses of this song. The jovial feel of the track is good, but the repetition of the verses takes some of the meaning out of the track. Obongjayar comes in with a chorus at the end of the song, his second appearance on this album, reaffirming the more positive minded theme of the second half of the album with lyrics like "my guy, don't stop now, keep moving. The next track, Negro Spiritual, starts off with an exciting Thundercat bass riff that continues through the rest of the track. The Flying Lotus production gives this song an eerie, outer space feel. Danny Brown's voice fits perfectly on the song. The line "Came a long way from. shows up in this song multiple times, again pushing the narrative that Danny Brown is not angry about where he is in life, but instead working to push himself forward while being happy with the progress he's made. Still there's lyrics contrasting his success with some continued drugs use, such as the line "Season tickets for the Pistons, cut crack on dishes. The penultimate track, Shine, is produced by Standing on the Corner and Paul White. Danny talks about how dealing with incarceration could have derailed his career if he had not fought the odds to stay focused and avoid further legal trouble. It's a track where the 38-year old is reflecting on what he's learned throughout his life, not scolding himself for the mistakes he's made. Blood Orange jumps on the track to deliver a beautiful, layered hook. It all comes together very well and leads in perfectly to the last track. The final track starts with a quick vocal sample from 1979 documentary 80 Blocks From Tiffanys then immediately jumps into looped cut of what sounds like some sort of brass wind instrument. The lyrics on this track speak for themselves and are very summative of the second half of the album without directly repeating what's already been said. The Q-Tip produced beat has a playful feel that reminds me of the Ain't it Funny beat from Atrocity Exhibition, but the lyrics are the opposite of what we heard on that album. The album ends with perhaps the hardest hitting verse on the whole album: Listen, all a nigga wanted was a Chevy on some Daytons Wasn't thinkin' bout no lawyer, nigga, fuck savin' Didn't know we'd see them horrors like Wes Craven Hook jumpin' out them vans, throw us on pavement Locked up with dirty white boys, all musty Prayin' for probation, hope I get lucky Court-appointed lawyers, gotta stay coppin' Put you in predicament, but that's your only option Sink or swim, look at him in the system Just another nigga, one-way ticket to a prison Tried to help, only hurt in the end How the fuck 'posed to take care your kids from the pen' It's the life that we chose, friends become foes That nigga snitched on, everybody know Some don't know how to stick to the code Nobody to trust, that's the way life goes The beat fades and rest of the sample from the beginning plays; an old man tells that he's seen every kind of homemade weapon in the NY street. Danny's tumultuous life has been a Combat Zone, and at 38 he's seen everything that a person can possibly while escaping the US justice system that doesn't seeks to destroy people like him. He's just trying to raise his daughter and live his Best Life, even if it's pushed him to trusting no-one. Danny leaves us with his most mature project of the decade, a decade that saw him go from rapping about drugs, to calling out for help, to pushing himself to be the best rapper he can be. Ambition has always been part of Brown's lyrics: on the final song of XXX, he rapped "But I always tell myself that it's gonna get better / You know who you is? You the greatest rapper ever. But, for the first time in his career, he's rapping from the standpoint of someone who is revered in the genre: he's not fighting for a record deal anymore, he's collaborating with all time greats like Q-Tip. Furthermore, even though he's reached this level of respect of his peers, he hasn't gotten lazy and forgotten how to spit. He's still at the top of his game. I would probably give this album a 7 or 8 out of 10. While it doesn't quite reach the highs of XXX, there are a ton of quality tracks on this album. While he likely can't and won't make an album like XXX again, Danny Brown has proved once again that he is one of the greatest rappers of this generation with his versatility, technical ability, lyrical depth, and ear for beats. Favorite Lyrics by /u/username Fuck a stripper for some change, actual change Dime, penny, nickels, actual change Dirty Laundry Every day same shit, different porta-potty Savage Nomad Came from the sewer where hot dogs got boiled Right up in the same pot unc' cooked the rock Best Life It's the microphone magician, make the rappers disappear (Yeah) If I ain't holler at you yet, then you had a good year (Yeah) Negro Spiritual Had my head above water, had to keep movin' on Shine Got more pills than the Olsen twins Combat Zone Talking Points talking point What's the best song on this album? There's a lot of good ones to choose from, especially on the second half of the album. There isn't as much of a change in topics on the first and second half of this album as there has been on previous Danny Brown albums. Does that help or hurt the album? Does Danny Brown's voice seem more "normal" on this album or are we just getting used to it? What other 'grown' rap albums have similar themes as this one? please don't say 4:44) Outro + Schedule.

16:53 instant goose bumps. Watch full length that higher level crossword clue. 16:53 on the left. When your favourite tune comes on in the club hahaha. Watch full length that higher level reading. Watch full length that higher level build plate. Watch Full Length That Higher leveling.

Previous “‘Tiny Galactic Newcomer Shames Raelethi Terror! ‘Primarch Defeated in Single Combat by Unarmed Assailant! Ooh, no, no, Nat, this is the best one. Its fucking gold: ‘Miniature Mammal Maims Massive Monstrosity! Christ, their media is actually worse than ours. ” Corporal Anastasia Koltsov was sprawled on her bunk, the glow from her datapad bathing the angular features of her face in a soft light as she scrolled through the local newsfeed. She couldnt restrain the smile brought on by her friends obvious discomfort. “I didnt know you maimed the guy, Nat. You been keeping details from me? ” “I didnt maim anybody, Ana. No one even got hurt. ” Corporal Natalie Boucher sighed as she replied. She sat hunched over the small desk at the foot of their bunks, a small screwdriver in her left hand and her right arm clamped to the desktop amid a sea of spare parts. The armored shell of her bicep had been removed and was propped up against the small lamp on the corner of the desk, the typically pristine mirror finish marred by various oil smudges. Her dark hair was pulled back in its usually messy ponytail, and her empty shirt sleeve hung loosely at her side, rustling whenever she shifted a part on her makeshift workbench. “Wait, I got another one: ‘The Butcher of Farshadow Station. Huh. You think thats a coincidence, or do you think they actually did their homework and ran your name through a proper translator program? My moneys on coincidence. All of these articles are written by hacks anyway. Id be surprised. ” Natalie cut her off. “Ana, I know you think this is a riot, but can you not right now? This is a delicate enough process without having to relive how I broke my arm over and over while I'm trying to fix it. Im almost done, and Id like to have two arms again before dinner. ” Her tone was sharper than she meant it to be. It was bad enough that they were stuck here because of her little exhibition three days ago, and she had really mixed emotions about being turned into a folk hero over what was turning out to be a major diplomatic incident. And Anas enthusiasm, while well intentioned, wasnt helping. “Sorry. But come on, can you blame me? This is the first exciting thing thats happened to our squad, and I wasnt even there to see it thanks to Gunnys ‘three marines on the ship at all times rule. I was cheated, damnit. And Im never going to stop giving him shit for it, either. ” “Fine, ” Nat replied, her words dripping sarcasm. “The next time I unknowingly start a battle to the death and get our ship locked down at a major space port, Ill make sure youre there for it. ” “Thank you. Thats all Im asking for. ” Ana grinned and let the conversation die there so that Natalie could finish her maintenance in peace. She returned her attention to her datapad, scrolling through the ridiculous stories about her friend on the local net. Time wound on in relative silence, the only sounds being the scraping of metal on metal as Natalie worked. After an hour, there was an echoing clang as Nat snapped the armored case closed on her upper arm, shouting “Done! ” in defiance as she did so. “Took you long enough. ” Ana teased. “Hey, I had to replace three of the main actuators. That fucking Raelethi did way more damage than I thought it did. Im honestly surprised my collar mount didnt start warping. ” Nat absentmindedly tapped her right collarbone, the metallic reply of the titanium implant weirdly muted by her skin. She then started rolling up her right shirtsleeve. “Now come over here and help me plug this thing back in. ” Ana slid off her bed, leaving her datapad, and strode over to Nat. Instead of moving to grab the mechanical arm on the desk, however, Ana reached around Nat and wrapped her in a hug from behind. Her voice was quiet and serious when she spoke. “I know you think Im bullshiting about all of this, just trying to get a laugh, but I really am proud of you, Nat. Most of the galaxy spends every day scared of those things. The more I read about them, the worse they are. Theyre honest-to-God monsters. You should read some of the message boards. Xenos all over the Federation are going on about what a relief it is to know something can stand up to a Primarch. You embarrassing one of them publicly like that has legitimately made the galaxy a better place. Screw what this station has to say about it. ” Natalie could actually feel the tension melt out of her neck and shoulder. Ana was right, of course, and Nat had already known everything Ana had said. But it meant a lot to hear someone that Natalie trusted say it. To confirm it. “Thanks, Ana, ” was Natalies only whispered reply for a few moments. She then started squirming in her seat and shrugged off Anas hug. “Now knock it off with the touchy-feely crap. ” “Why? Jealous? ” she asked, playfully rapping her knuckles on the exposed titanium of Nats empty shoulder socket. “Har fucking har. Just hold my damn arm. ” “Wow, you are a killjoy. ” “You know, the last time someone called me that, I ended up wagering a limb in an arm wrestling contest with an alien super-predator. ” “Ya see? Is that so hard? You just gotta put yourself out there and look for adventure sometimes, ” said Ana as she picked up Natalies prosthesis. Nat just shook her head at the absurd thought of being trapped at an alien space station, thousands of light years from Earth, with a third of the galaxy at war, and still having to LOOK for adventure. A violent wave of nausea suddenly washed over her as Ana slammed the arm home into its socket while Natalie was distracted, the control interfaces connecting directly to her central nervous system. It was always the same, but that didnt make it any more pleasant. Ana stepped back while Natalie recovered and grabbed her datapad again. “Its almost chow time. You gonna head up with me? ” “Nah, Im gonna go take a shower. I want to get all this grease off me. Plus the hot water will help the nausea. ” “Alright, but Gunny said hes gonna break out some of the supplies he picked up on station. Said morale could use the boost. Not sure what it is, but he promised me it wasnt green, so its gotta be an improvement. ” “Hey, ” Natalie called out to Ana as her friend started to walk away. “Thanks. ” Ana flashed her a wide, toothy smile and turned to head towards the galley. “Anytime. ” Sub-Commander Jeralth of the 1st Imperial Grenval Marines coasted through the inky blackness outside of Farshadow Station. His squads aim had been impeccable, and none of his seven elite commandos had needed to correct their course since the initial burn from their thruster packs. They drifted ever closer to the Telarim freighter, masked from the myriad sensors in the area by the bulk of the station itself. Even if there hadnt been massive blind spots to exploit, the heat shielding on their armor would have reduced their sensor signatures to nothing more than that of a small cloud of debris. They reached the freighter right on schedule. It was large for a Telarim cargo ship, with a cavernous cargo bay taking up the forward 80% of the ships structure. The extendable gangway was still attached to the cargo hold, and the stations massive docking clamps were still firmly in place fore and aft. The commandos drifted past the bow of the ship, gliding along its length until they reached their mark, then fired their thrusters in unison. Moving as one, the squad banked towards a small airlock near the rear of the ship. It would normally serve as the main crew entrance when not loading or unloading cargo. Now, it sat unused and ripe for the Grenval to exploit. All eight of the alien soldiers landed on the side of the ship simultaneously, and they immediately set to work. While Sub-Commander Jeralth went about gaining access to the airlocks electronics, two of his soldiers began unfurling the bulky object they had been carrying between them. Quickly, a semi-rigid polymer tent large enough to contain all eight commandos had been erected around the airlock. Two of the other soldiers attached magnetic seals at the base of the polymer, making the swiftly erected structure airtight. Once completed, the last three Grenval all removed the massive tanks of compressed gas that they had been packing and began to vent the tanks into the tent. It took mere moments for the now airtight structure to fill with nitrogen. A commando watched a pressure gauge with laser focus, shutting off the tanks flow the instant the pressure in the tent reached one standard Telarim atmosphere. He signaled the others of their success just as Sub-Commander Jeralth completed his bypass of the alarms on the airlock and cycled it open. Less than three minutes had passed from the time the first commando touched the ship to the airlock being opened. All eight commandos then oriented themselves for the artificial gravity and filed into the freighter. Jeralth and his team immediately made for the bridge. He had to seize control of the ship before anyone noticed they were aboard. Once they had control, he could open the gangway doors. The Raelethi were waiting at the base of the gangway, and as soon as the doors opened from the inside, they could enter as ‘guests with no political ramifications from the station. The Primarch could slaughter the humans with its own claws, and the Dominion wouldnt technically be violating Farshadows strict neutrality, since the slaughter would take place on sovereign Telarim property. Plus, there would be no one left alive to argue the Primarchs story. It was a surprisingly cunning plan, especially considering it came from a Raelethi. But Jeralth had to actually capture the bridge first. He was well on his way to doing just that when sounds from a corridor to his right froze him in place. Jeralth stopped his troops with a hand signal and started replaying his mission briefing in his head, trying to remember the schematics to the ship and what was in that direction. They had just passed engineering several corridors back, and life support was on the other side of the ship. It had to be… Jeralth flicked his tongue in excitement. It couldnt be that easy, could it? He signaled half his soldiers to continue on to the bridge and took the other three with him down the corridor towards the sounds. They stopped just outside an open doorway with light and noise flooding out of it. One of his commandos dropped a small, four legged recon drone to the deck, and it crept around the corner, cameras pointed into the room. Jeralth tapped into the camera feed, and stared dumbfounded at his good fortune. The drone was staring into the freighters mess hall, and what looked like most of the Telarim crew were inside, eating and enjoying themselves. More importantly, all five humans were there. Jeralth was under strict orders that the humans were to be kept alive at all costs. The Primarch had… plans for them. He shivered, imagining exactly what that might entail. But the details were of no real concern to him. He just had to complete his mission. Jeralth readied a concussion grenade and waited for the signal that the bridge was theirs. The Tellarim had a much higher water requirement than humans did, both internally and for their semi-amphibious skin. Which meant that their ships had much more robust filtration systems than human vessels, as well as a significantly larger amount of water on hand in those systems. Which meant Natalie got to take real goddamn showers. It was one of the biggest perks to being stationed on a Tellarim ship. The two minutes of water allotted on USC ships was the worst part of being in the Corps. Especially being rated for mechanic work. Two minutes just wasnt enough to get rid of the oils and exotic greases you would get covered in working in space. But on a Telarim ship? Nat could spend as much time under the hot water as she wanted. Natalie probably would have spent the rest of the evening in the shower if her stomach hadnt started reminding her that she needed food. She had only eaten a quick snack for breakfast and skipped lunch trying to finish the repairs on her arm, and now her body was becoming rather angry with her for it. She sighed, grumbled something at her stomach about being patient, turned off the shower, and hurriedly toweled off and got dressed. Nat made a beeline for her quarters once she left the showers, wanting to take a minute to polish her arm back to its usual pristine mirror finish before joining the rest of her squad for dinner. All of the human quarters and facilities on the freighter were on a sub-deck attached to the bottom of the ship. The Human Habitation Sub-Deck was a small, prebuilt structure that had been designed to be quickly attached to any ship that requested the protection of human marines. It was simply a matter of attaching the prefab to the ship and connecting power and life support functions. The artificial gravity was set to 1G and the air was mixed to a perfect earth standard mixture and kept at one atmosphere of pressure. Both of these marks were notably higher than the settings on the rest of the Telarim ship. The extra gravity and atmosphere let the marines make full use of the small gym at the forward of the deck, allowing them to stay in fighting shape and stave off the ill effects of microgravity. Next to the gym was a small locker room where the showers were located. The gym emptied out into a respectably sized common room full of couches and tables and that was lined with screens. Along the port side of the common room, four doors led to the actual crew quarters, each of the four small rooms being shared by two members of the squad. At the very back of the sub-deck, there were two large VR simulation rooms, so that the squad could keep their skills sharp despite the boredom of deep space. All of the machinery spaces and primary systems were neatly stashed out of sight behind the VR sim rooms. Natalie walked through the common room and continued toweling off her hair. It was a nice setup, she thought. There was enough space and entertainment options to keep everyone from getting too bored and too irritated with each other. It would have been nice if everything wasnt olive drab, though. Nat reached her quarters and stepped inside, shutting the door behind her before diving into her footlocker looking for metal polish. She had barely started rummaging around when the sound of a blast from the deck above froze her in place. The dull thud of the explosion echoed in Natalies quarters for a second, and then the entire ship fell completely and eerily silent. Nat knew what she had heard, and there should have been alarms going off everywhere. But there was nothing. She dashed out of her room, racing to the forward end of the sub-deck and the hatch leading up to the rest of the ship. Nat practically flew up the ladder, only to find the hatch quite firmly sealed shut. She strained against it for a few seconds before dropping to the deck. Something was very, very wrong. Natalie decided to try to coms next, but had made it a just a few steps from the only way off of the sub-deck when she heard the upper of the two hatches open. She paused to listen and was rewarded with the sound of something heavy and metallic landing directly on the hatch. Something that was shifting its weight around. Something that sounded exactly like a soldier in full battle armor standing on the hatch. “Shit. Shit. ” Natalie scrambled towards the rear of the deck and the machinery spaces. They werent much, but it would give her at least some cover. She had just reached her relative safety when the hatch was kicked in and a massive pile of black armor dropped unceremoniously to the deck. Nat watched as it picked itself up and raised a weapon, some kind of plasma rifle from the looks of it, and shakily moved away from the hatch. Nat smiled. The gravity setting on the deck was about 40 percent higher than on the rest of the ship. And her visitor was clearly struggling with it. She was considering rushing him when a second armor clad alien dropped to the deck next to the first. Nat pulled back into the depths of the machinery. She was confident that she could have held her own against one of the mysterious intruders. But not two. Not with so much open space between them and both of them being so heavily armed. Her eyes started darting around the heavy equipment, searching for some solution to her situation. Jeralth stood proudly as the Primarchs approached, his prize firmly grasped in his armored gauntlet. The prisoners had been dragged to the cargo hold to be presented to the Primarchs. The handful of Telarim had been tossed roughly in a pile in the corner of a large open area Jeralth had found tucked away between all of the crates and shipping containers. They were all still unconscious from his grenade, and would be for several more hours. Six of the humans were lined up before him, all on their knees. He had taken the rather extraordinary measure of binding both the hands and feet of these bizarre creatures. They should have still been as unconscious as the Telarim, but they had recovered from the concussive blast in record time. Had Jeralth not been paying attention, the quick recovery of the humans might well have allowed them to fight back. It all made Jeralth so uneasy his scales were itching. No creature that wasnt protected by an environment suit of some kind should have been awake after that blast, let alone moving, for at least an hour. And yet, all of these humans were alert and struggling against their bonds. What kind of monsters were these things? It didnt matter now, though. The Primarchs had arrived. Conscious or not, there was only one outcome left for the humans. Jeralth stepped forward and addressed the largest of the Raelethi. “Primarch, the ship is ours. And as you requested, the crew is still alive to do with as you wish. I also believe you made a special request for the human female. ” Jeralth stepped forward, dragging the seventh human behind him by the fur on her head, and tossed her at the Raelethis feet. She wasnt in the pristine shape as the other human captives. Bright red blood was matted in her yellow fur, and her face was heavily discolored where the subduing blows had been struck. She and the large dark-skinned one had been in the galley unseen by the drone, and had been partially shielded from the blast. Jeralths troops had needed to be… a little more forceful subduing them than the other five. None of that mattered to Jeralth, though. His mission had been a resounding success. All objectives had been achieved in short order. His soldiers were completely undetected. There were no casualties. This was the kind of mission that made a career. It might even mean the end of grunt work for him. Everything would be classified, of course, but… “YOU FOOL! ” The Primarchs roar was deafening, even through Jeralths helmet. “This is the wrong human! ” The Raelethi swung its massive arm, flinging the female to the side and out of its way as it moved on Jeralth. The human flew through the air, crashed into a shipping container and fell in a pile, a puddle of red slowly pooling below her head. The Primarch grabbed Jeralth, lifting him from the deck, armor and all, and continued to rage. “You had one human that I said you must find. Where. Is. She? ” “I dont know what youre talking about. You said there was one human female and four others. I brought you the female and even found two extras! ” It was suicide to speak back to a Primarch, especially when one already had you in its claws. But Jeralth was extremely confused and not thinking straight, wracking his brain trying to figure out what had gone wrong. “Primarch, One of Jeralths troopers spoke up. “Their were eight bunks on the high gravity deck. Its most likely that the female youre after is the only human unaccounted for. ” “Then it looks like you only missed the most important one. You may have a chance to save yourself yet, Sub-commander. Tear the ship apart until you find her. Ill be waiting. ” The massive Raelethi dropped Jeralth to the deck. “And be quick about it. I cant start killing the others until shes here to watch them suffer. ” Natalie slid away from the vent she had been watching from. She had to be careful not to let her right arm scrape against the metal of the ductwork lest the sound give away her position. Shimmying along, Nat made her way back in the direction she had come. She had to make it to the armory. Killing these sonsabitches was clearly the only way out of this. And the only hope for the rest of her squad. After hiding in the ventilation ducts to escape the soldiers sweeping the sub-deck, she had used the same ductwork to follow them to the cargo bay. Natalie shouldnt have been surprised to find the Raelethi behind all of this, but it still shook her to see them on her ship. It took far longer than she would have liked to reach the armory. When she got there, though, she found that what luck she had up to that point had apparently run out. With the armory being as small as it was, really just a converted storage area, there had been no reason to run the main life support lines to it. Nat stared at the junction heading in the direction she needed to go, and thought it couldnt be more than 25cm across. Natalie swore. Of all the places for the damn aliens to start being efficient in their systems layout, of course it was in the most inconvenient place possible. What was worse, is that while Natalie pondered her options, she watched through a vent as one of the smaller Raelethi lumbered into view and placed himself firmly in front of the actual entrance to the armory. Well, thought Nat, they definitely werent stupid. There was no way she could fight through a Primarch unarmed, even if it did barely fit in the corridor. She had to do something, though. There was no guarantee the head Primarch wouldnt lose its patience and just murder everyone anyway. And Ana had looked like she was in pretty bad shape already. Nat looked disdainfully at the large wrench that she had grabbed from her machinery room, just in case. It would have to be enough. Natalie slid along the ductwork, moving towards the center of the ship, looking for targets. It wasnt long before she found one. A lone soldier was in the galley, overturning everything he could find, ripping through stores and every conceivable hiding place, and making quite a ruckus doing it. It was as good an opportunity as she would find. Nat moved on to the main vent in the mess hall, kicked out the grating over the vent, and dropped to the deck. The alien clearly hadnt heard her over the noise he was making, as the rhythm of the aliens frantic search never stopped or even slowed. Nat steadied herself and smiled; it was time to get some payback. She snuck to the mess hall door leading out into the main corridor, swung it shut, and locked the seals from the inside. Jeralth stared at the carnage before him, trying and failing to process what he was seeing. He stood in the mess hall with three of his soldiers who were all as confused as him. Two members of their squad lay dead on the floor at opposite ends of the room. The first was laying at the entrance to galley in a pool of his own bright blue gore, and what was left of his head had been reduced to a bloody pulp filling the shattered remains of his helmet. A massive, gore-splattered wrench lay next to him, along with the smashed remains of his squad's recon drones. His rifle, fortunately, was also on the deck next to him. Jeralth had never been more thankful for the biometric locks on their rifles. Unfortunately, the blade he carried was missing, as one of his other soldiers had discovered. He was lying, predominantly, right inside the entry to the mess hall, though he had been strewn about in four neatly sliced apart pieces. His head and both of his arms at the elbows had been cleanly removed. Jeralth had seen this before, of course, but it had never happened at the hands of a single, previously unarmed, opponent. As Jeralth stood, pondering what his options were, the lights suddenly shut off. A moment later, the emergency lights flickered on, filling the room with a dull red glow. Instantly, he knew what to do. “Shes on the bridge. Lieutenant, youre with me. You two, swing through engineering and cut her off. Whatever you do, do not let her escape. ” With that, Jeralt raced off towards the bridge, his lieutenant only a few steps behind him. He ran as he had never run before. His life depended on catching this lone human. He had never seen a Primarch with a bruised ego before, but it would be the last thing he would ever see if he failed. And Jeralth had no intentions of dying on a Telarim freighter, of all places. He rounded the last corner and burst onto the bridge, out of breath but with weapon drawn. It was completely empty. Nothing moved. Nothing made any noise. There was no trace that anything had been there since the bridge had been seized half an hour ago. It was just him and his frustrations. Jeralth swore. If he was lucky, they had flushed the human into the waiting arms of his other soldiers. He turned to order his lieutenant to follow him towards engineering, but stopped cold. His lieutenant was nowhere in sight. Jeralth pinged him on his coms. Nothing. He tried again, and was again greeted with nothing. He raised his weapon and stepped back out into the corridor, only to find himself completely alone. Slowly, Jeralth started to make his way back towards the mess hall, retracing the steps of his mad dash, looking for any signs of his lieutenant or the human. He reached the gore filled mess hall having found nothing. His scales started to itch again. What in the Suns was going on? Natalie knew that boarding actions were a primary concern in her line of work. And in any shipboard actions, close quarters engagements were the standard, rather than the exception. She also knew it was rather common among the other species of the galaxy for those engagements to devolve into hand(or whatever analogue they had) to hand combat. But carrying swords? Fucking really? If it hadnt been so effective, she would have been questioning it a little harder. As it was, she was just thankful that she had something that could effectively get through the armor those things were wearing. If she made it out of this alive, shed have to make sure the tech guys back home got a look at it, figure out how it went through armor like butter. Maybe see if they could make some for the Corps. For now though, Nat needed to focus. She had barely had time to get the body of her most recent victim out of sight before his partner came back looking for him. It was too close of a call for her liking. The odds were still stacked against her and she only had the barest hints of a plan about getting into the armory. But, it was better than nothing. She quickly climbed back into the ductwork and shimmied off, looking for a new target. Jeralth stalked down the corridors of the freighter, turning and firing randomly into every room he passed. Plasma bolts scorched machinery and bulkheads alike, but there was still no sign of the human female. Jeralth had never felt such fury. He had barely been on this ship for an hour, and six of his elite commandos were dead. His life was most likely forfeit at this point, regardless of the outcome of his search. He vowed that he was going to make sure the human paid for what it had done to his soldiers first. Plasma continued to fly as Jeralth started on another circuit of the ships main areas. His one remaining commando was right behind him, covering every move he made. Jeralth new it was futile. None of his troops had found the human; they had all been found by her. But he couldnt give up and simply let her win. Then, as he finished unloading another salvo of plasma into a random compartment and turned away from the room, he saw her. She was standing at the end of the corridor, blade in hand, staring at him. She said nothing, but her mere presence and the unblinking stare she shot him in the dim red light was an unmistakable challenge. Jeralth leveled his rifle and fired. The plasma splashed against the bulkhead after hitting nothing but air as the human ducked down another corridor. He bellowed and charged after her, turning the corner just in time to see her disappear down a hatch to a lower deck. Jeralth surged forward, reaching the hatch in an instant, and, foregoing the ladder entirely, jumped down the hatchway. Of the many mistakes he had made today, this would turn out to be his last. As Jeralth fell towards the deck below him he felt the tug of the artificial gravity change, and suddenly he found himself falling much faster than he had expected. He didnt have time to adjust, and crashed into the deck with a sickening crack. Struggling to his feet in the higher gravity and with an injured leg, he had just enough time to look around for his quarry before the human was on him in a flash of steel. Jeralth had the curious and strangely mesmerizing experience of watching his right forearm separate from the rest of him. He would have continued to watch it fall towards the deck had a metal fist not smashed into his helmets vizor with enough force to shatter it and send him flying away. It took several long moments for Jeralth to recover his senses and be able to turn to face his assailant. By the time he did, he found that his lone remaining commando lay dead at the base of the ladder, and that the human was slowly walking over to him. He propped himself up as best he could to face her. Though, with the extra gravity of the deck and the pain from his injuries fully setting in, facing her with any composure would be quite difficult. As she reached him she squatted down to get a closer look at him, surveying her handiwork. Before she could say or do anything else to him, Jeralth choked out a question. “What... What are you? ” The human frowned. “Did your bosses do any actual research on me before they sent you in here? ” Jeralth managed a quick “No” between gasping breaths. “If they had, you might have known this was coming. The answer was right there in my name for anyone to find. See, they only programed a handful of my species languages into these nifty little translators. The four big ones. But French didnt make it in, so when someone with a translator hears my name, they hear the equivalent of the bastardized English pronunciation. Do you know what Boucher means in French? ” Another gasping “No. ” The monster bared her teeth at him, and brought the tip of her stolen and bloodstained blade to his throat. “It means ‘Butcher. Now, youre going to call your Primarchs, tell them you found me and that youre herding me towards the cargo bay. And that all three of them should be there to catch me. If you want to get out of this alive, that is. ” The Primarch paced in front of the line of human captives, clearly anxious and with its last shreds of patience rapidly fading. It glared at the tiny aliens, flexing its massive arms, thick cords of muscle rippling beneath its blue-grey skin in anticipation of finally ripping them apart with its own claws. But uncertainty was once again starting to take hold in the back of the Raelethis mind. Something was wrong. It had been nearly 15 minutes since the Sub-commander had made contact, promising that the human was finally to be delivered. And that the Primarch would have the pleasure of catching her itself. But she should have been here by now, along with the last of the Grenval commandos. The Primarch had faced total humiliation at the hands of just one of these puny aliens. Now, that same, lone, unarmed, and weak alien had virtually annihilated an entire squad of one the Dominions best special forces units. None of this made sense. The Raelethi finally ran out of patience. It turned to its two Lessers to instruct them to go into the ship after the human. It would be a tight fit for them, squeezing through the corridors of a prey-species ship. But the Sub-commander had clearly failed, and drastic measures were in order. Then, with a deafening boom, the smallest Raelethis head exploded in a shower of grey gore and flashing needles. Natalie pumped a fresh round into the chamber of her shotgun and ducked behind the shipping container she was using for cover. She immediately took off running deeper into the cargo bay, zigging and zagging around crates as she ran. Nat was fairly certain that the Raelethi didnt have any projectile weapons, but there was no point in being careless now. She had taken the time to suit up in her own combat armor, but after seeing what the alien sword had been doing to the alien's protection, she didnt feel like testing her own armors resilience unless she absolutely had to. The sounds of the Raelethi tearing through the cargo bay in pursuit followed Natalie as she ran through the maze of shipping containers. All according to plan. Her primary goal had been to keep the Primarchs away from her squadmates. Once she had lost them in the cargo bay, she could double back and set them free. And finally have some damn backup. Nat turned a corner in a dead sprint, making sure she was out of sight, and vaulted upwards towards the edge of one of the massive cargo containers. Her jump easily gained enough height for her to catch the edge of the four meter high container and pull herself atop it. Nat swore she would never get tired of reduced gravity. Fading back into the shadows away from the edge of the container, she readied her shotgun and waited. The Primarch that had been following her hadnt been as close as she thought it was, but it eventually tore into view, throwing crates aside as it ran and ripping deep gouges into everything around it with its claws. In its bloodlust, it had become a single-minded force of nature, focused solely on hunting and killing its insolent human quarry. But it never bothered to look up. As the Raelethi ran under her, Nat fired. The shotgun leapt in her hands as the 8 gauge round hurled 100 needle thin, solid osmium flechettes at her target. All three of the Primarchs, out of arrogance and the expectation of an easy meal, had decided that their ceremonial honor guard armor would be more than enough for this grand show of superiority. And didnt bother to wear their helmets. The cloud of silver needles dove into the Raelethi, plunging through its unprotected head and deep into its torso. The Primarch collapsed to the deck without another sound, dead in an instant. Natalie wheeled and ran back the way she came, bounding across the top of the container maze. She wasnt sure where the last Primarch had gone, but didnt particularly feel like playing hide and seek all by herself. Her path led directly back to her squadmates; there wouldnt be a better time than now to get them into the fight. She reached them in moments and jumped down to the deck where they had been presented to the Raelethi. They were still there, but their neat line had scattered as they crawled about the area, looking for some way to break their bonds. Before Natalie could help any of them, a deafening, deck shaking roar reached out from the container maze, followed immediately by the charging Primarch it had emanated from. It was the largest of the Primarchs, the one that had instigated this entire incident. The one that personally wanted to rip Natalie apart. And it was already entirely too close to her for comfort. Nat spun, leveled her shotgun, and fired in an instant. The shot connected, ripping through armor and spraying dark grey blood everywhere, but it wasnt enough to stop the Primarchs momentum. It bowled into her, sending both of them tumbling to the deck and rolling away as the shotgun flew from her hands. Her tumble stopped when she collided with a steel container, and before she could fully right herself, the Primarch was on her, swinging one of its massive arms at Natalies head. She had just enough time to raise her right arm to block it. Nat was slammed back shoulder first into the container with enough force to dent the steel. The Primarch bellowed in protest and swung again. Natalie blocked as best she could, and again the strike fell directly on her right arm. The mounting implants in her artificial shoulder blade and collarbone warped under the blow. The Primarch reached its limit. It was done trying to subdue and torture. It was going to kill her, and it was going to kill her now. The massive Raelethi leaned in, mouth agape, and bit down. Its enormous jaws closed on her arm, tearing through armor and shredding actuators and servos. Natalie and the Primarch locked eyes in that moment, and Nat saw realization dawn there through the fury. The Primarch tried to stand, jaws still clamped shut, and to tear the arm free, to be done with this farce. But it was too late; Nat saw her opening and took it. As the Primarch pulled back, it lifted her from where she was pinned. She reached across herself with her left hand, drew the stolen alien blade, and swung with everything she could muster while dangling from the Primarchs mouth. The blade traced a line clean through the the Primarchs abdomen, disemboweling it. The Raelethi stood for a moment, then pitched forward, spilling its guts onto the deck. For a long moment, the cargo deck was completely still. Natalie squirmed out from under the massive corpse. She slowly rose to her feet, covered in grey gore, and looked at her mauled right arm. It was hanging from her shoulder, completely limp, with random parts and bits of metal sticking out at odd angles, and not responding to any input whatsoever. She let out a long, resigned sigh. “Goddamnit. I JUST fixed this. ” With as much grace as she could manage, she hobbled towards her squad, stopping next to Gunnery Sergeant Nuatu. She quickly cut through the metal restraints binding his hands, then handed him the gore-soaked blade. “Here you go, Gunny. This will get everybody loose. You handle things from here. Im fucking done for the day. ” Nuatu immediately freed his legs and set to work on the rest of the squads restraints while Nat made her way over to Ana. She was still where the Primarch had thrown her, though now she was sitting and lucid. Natalie flopped down on the deck next to her, completely exhausted. “You all right? ” Nat asked, as nonchalantly as she could. “Yup. Did you get all of them? ” “Yup. ” Ana flashed Nat a toothy smile. ”.

Watch Full Length That Higher level 4.

Takes me back to AfrikaBurn 2017

Watch Full Length That Higher level. The Australian Open directors are getting a lot of flack, and rightfully so. Running a tournament is incredibly time-consuming as you have to fix the draw, disrespect the players health, be willfully ignorant and not mention worldwide issues that are within miles of the location, and then there is all that scheduling. I am inclined to cut them some slack though, as very few things that draw complaint and ire are black and white. The Australian Open is a HUGE source of revenue for Melbourne, and aside from aussie rules football might be one of the largest events held in the calendar year. My first inkling given the air quality being reported (1 day outside the equivalent of smoking 20 packs of cigarettes was reported on the news in towns near the fire) was that the event was in real danger of being cancelled, and while it is irresponsible to allow players to compete if they are in danger, the directors are under tremendous financial pressure to make this event happen. We all will be keeping a close eye on the players ability to dig deep in these 3/5 matches, and given the physical toll the AO has already been known to take due to the heat I expect this to be a very gritty event. For the first time in a few years I dont think there is a clear favorite to run away with the mens or womens title, and that spells hungry tennis from the guys who are in the hunt. In the mens I think Nadal, Federer, Novak, Medvedev, Tsitsipas, Khachanov, and Rublev will have a strangehold on the later rounds, with Berretini and Shapovalov being the darkhorse candidates. The womens has Barty, Pliskova, Osaka, and a resurgent Serena (hasnt played a top player but she improved at each event last year and theres no reason to think she wont be a bit calmer this year if she reaches the later stages of an event) looking to get busy on adding to their already impressive legacies, and I have to say Osaka showed a level of patience and ballstriking several times in her run at Brisbane that made her look almost unbeatable. Her backhand seems to have improved as well as shes been able to hit sharper angles than usual which enables her to utilize the slightly unorthodox down the line pass that she hits. Fuck all that two weeks from now noise though. Lets pick winners. Ill be doing the WTA also and editing it in here (might make a second post if it doesn't fit due to character length) but I wanted to get this up early. Also character max (40k) doesn't let me post it all so the rest is going in the comments. Nadal Dellien: While he should win this comfortably, this is a big fu to Nadal to play this guy in the early rounds. I often think directors place guys who Federer and Nadal and Novak are very similar to against them in the early rounds, and while this benefits Federer playing guys like Kohl and Gojo and skill players who dont take a big toll on the bones, Nadal gets the short end of the stick playing Schwartzman and other grinders seemingly nonstop. Dellien had a lot of bettors hearts hurting with his gutsy performance against Kwon last year at the USO, and hell extend rallies here as much as he can. Given his preference for clay, his court positioning isnt going to be such that Nadal will have much pressure, but he (Nadal) will have to earn all his points. Nadal in 3 annoying sets. Delbonis Sousa: Two good dudes. Delbonis is coming off qualifying in Adelaide before losing to hometown favorite Duckworth and Sousa is coming off a disappointing loss to Vasek Pospisil where he was literally hit off the court. That is something that for a journeyman like Sousa who prides himself on making matches physical is a tough one to take, and although generally hed be favored over Delbonis, this one may be difficult for him since he doesnt have a lot of matches or confidence. Delbonis has top level offense when hes serving well, and his backhand is a cannon, but this is not his best surface and he is prone to throwing in 4-5 poor points in a row. Expect this to go 4 or more sets, with Sousas backhand errors and Delbonis serving issues deciding the outcome. Id lean Sousa. Eubanks Gojowczyk: Eubanks qualifying for the AO is a big step for him. He has a great serve and big swings but he struggles with his movement and consistency. Gojowczyk is the guy youd hate to play doubles with until you randomly won the tournament. He will hit the ball awkwardly into the net over and over trying to make his shots perfect, but when hes on he can take the raquet out of anyones hands like a poormans Martin Klizan. The errors wont help him here, as his shots dont have to perfect against Eubanks. Given Eubanks usual status as a WC entrant, his qualifying run has to lend itself to him having a pretty good chance to win some sets here, and his serving game and Gojos awkward returning mean this will likely be decided in tiebreakers. Its hard to bet against the more experienced player in Gojo, but I could see either one taking this in 4-5 sets. Kovalik Carreno Busta: Kovalik is one of the few players to actually come back on a protected ranking and lose for a year and then gain traction. You love to see it and Marcel-Stebe is another one who seemed destined to be off the tour and then kinda got things together eventually. Kovalik has funky offense and is a solid challenger threat on clay to anyone he plays. This is the wrong first round for him. Although PCB went down fairly quickly to Lloyd Harris this past week, he finished up last year in fairly decent form after a horrendous return from injury that saw Benoit Paire use him as target practice several times, and 15-40 become his usual starting point in his service games. PCB may drop a set but barring injury his defense and consistent pace of play should be too much for Kovalik. PCB in 4 Kyrgios Sonego: “What are you gonna do, go bet on Kajeerios? ” said Miguel. My friends have not been wholly supportive of my decision to bet tennis fulltime, and have not been supportive of the proper pronunciation of any of these peoples names. Further still, they think that gambling and Nick Kyrgios go anywhere near each other. They dont. As a -700 favorite against Lorenzo Sonego, there should be no way that Nick can lose this match. He has a solid backhand, the best serve on tour when hes motivated, and a ton of skill. Unfortunately, ignorance is bliss, and Nick is wasting his best years not training and not competing because of nothing we can blame him for. Talented athletes come and go in sport, and their burden is to find the motivation when they likely have always just been able to “turn it up” when they wanted to win. In a sport where people train outrageously hard, Nick somehow finds himself in the same position. That ability to turn it up numbs the losses. “I dont care about this, ” is a fair statement and “I could win if I wanted to” is dangerous knowledge because it means you really only do win when you want to. “What do I really want” is too tricky a question for someone as superficial as Nick and so his mental struggles on the court will likely continue. I expect Sonego to steal a set here as he has a good bit of skill and is hungry to take the next step in his ascent, but really this is players at different stages of their career, and Nick should be ready to contend for a title now. Still, if a child doesnt want to eat their broccoli no amount of promising them its good for them will work. Nick in 4 or Sonego in 4 noisy whiney bitchfit sets. Cuevas Simon: Simon played well in his one match at the ATP cup but fell quickly to Chardy, who then seemed too tired to compete against PCB a round later. This doesnt give me much confidence, and for the past two seasons it seems like Simon is able to beat everyone one week, then about as good as a pusher can be without winning for the rest. This is a winnable match for him given Cuevas struggles to find consistent form on hardcourt, and his defensive prowess being his best form. Cuevas has the offense, variety, and physical ability to make hardcourt matches close against most of the top 100, but doesnt really string the wins together as he tends to experience surges in form within matches. It wont be lost on either of these veterans that NK likely waits in the next round and he is willing to gift anyone a win at any time. The “this is his home event he wont disrespect it” idea would make sense but to me that just adds to the looming frustration of a loss that sits in the back of his head as he decides whether or not to give his best effort. I gotta stop talking about this guy. No pick here and I expect Simon to come through. Uchiyama Ymer: Mikael Ymer has been the hottest player not quite on the tour for the past two months. Hes won a ton of matches on the challenger circuit and played moderately well in the nextgen cup. Uchiyama flies under the radar but is exactly the player to stretch Ymer if he makes errors. The match will be on Ymers raquet but you have to think how often you have been seeing Uchiyamas name in the draws at majors and how the pressure of being the “name” player will affect Ymers ability to perform. Still, this is giving too much credence to Ymers past as an inconsistent player. His athletic ability and serve should get him through this one. Ymer in 5. Vilella Martinez Khachanov: I love Khachanovs game but am consistently nervous when he plays qualifiers in the early rounds. He plays such a high intensity game that he seems to bring people up to his level, and Vilella Martinez who Ill admit Ive never seen play has been snagging people all week in the qualifiers that he was not expected to. Can he overcome a top 20 player in his first major on tour? Likely not, but I expect him to acquit himself nicely and possible even take a set if Khachanov is still finding problems in consistency on his forehand wing. Khachanov in 3-4. Monfils Lu: Im assuming Lu is in on a protected ranking or something as I havent seen him active on tour since giving Zverev a heart attack way back when. Monfils has been equally inactive but this is one of those “Monfils looked in great form in the 1st round” matches and given Pospisil and FAA in the next two rounds Monfils should be primed for a good run here at the AO. Monfils in 3 unless he really doesnt make an effort. Karlovic Pospisil: The fairy godmother returns! Karlovic serving looks like a fairy granting wishes with their magic wand. I hope he wins this, but he probably wont. Pospisil is seemingly approaching the levels that people thought he would in the past before he struggles with back injuries, and Im still not convinced of his potential to be anything other than another Dimitrov type overrated underperforming talent, but his ballstriking is solid enough here to win the few rallies theyll get into. Pospisil in 4 tbs. Duckworth Bedene: This seems like one of the cheapest games of the first round, with Bedene sitting at just -160. Duckworth played well and beat Delbonis this past week, but really hasnt been in any real matches on tour besides playing Andy Murray in one of his earlier comebacks. I get that the guy is a hometown favorite but Bedene has been a consistent challenger winner and a tour 2nd and 3rd rounder for 5 years now, and I think his serve/forehand combo are enough to maintain control of this match. Bedene in 3-4. Gulbis FAA: Rough one for Felix to start the tournament with. Gulbis is Nick Kyrgios travelled back in time to warn him to make an effort, but instead he noticed the tour hadnt really progressed that far and just hopped into qualifying. Gulbis marching easily through qualifying is tough for any first round opponent since his height and power make him able to hold serve at the end of sets when the qualifiers offense is supposed to falter. FAA had a rough patch at the end of 2019 but got it together after the FAA cup and was hitting with excellent length in his loss against Rublev this week. With Rublev pegged as a future #1 by John McEnroe last year, this is a good sign that FAA should have a decent Australian Open. What were all expecting though is the dominant 3 set future #1 beating from FAA and Im not sure if it will go that simply. FAA in 5 or fewer if hes able to win the tiebreakers. Fritz Griekspoor: I dont even think given some of Fritz past performances that he should be favored in this matchup. Griekspoor has a big game, a great compact serve, and is in form on these courts after coming through qualifying. Fritz will need to come out early with solid serving in order to put some doubt in Talons mind. The “working your way into the match” pushing the backhand into play bs that Fritz falls into will have this one going 5 sets before he knows it and guess which player has been playing more tennis recently (it isnt Fritz. Man I do not like the US strategy of awarding WCs nonstop to players who dont win and I think it has poisoned Fritz and Tiafoe and a few others who have the game to compete but lack the killer instinct. Griekspoor in 4. Ivashka Anderson: Unfortunate for Ivashka to pull a better version of himself. Ivashka boast a big serve and forehand and unlike many big men can play defense and hang in a rally. Anderson has been very inactive but is a better version of this. While his losses can be bizarre (Pella dispatching him in straights) he did fairly well at the ATP Cup against a hapless Christian Garin and should be a solid favorite to come through here. In the past Ive been guilty of backing Ivashka against the questionable tour names like Monfils which is a fun sweat but hasnt produced any dollars, so this time I will sit quietly. Anderson in 4-5. Bolt ARV: If its tennis in Australia, Alexander Bolt seems to be up for the task. A consistent qualifier and performer in the early 250 events, Bolt is a high energy player with a big serve and a compact backhand. This is not a great matchup for him, as ARV was hit off the court by Tommy Paul but first beat Munar and Thompson, two guys who dont make many errors and try to push the pace. ARV looked rock solid against both and didnt make many errors. I do believe he brings a level of defense that will stifle Bolts offense, and him being lefty is going to negate some of Bolts advantages. ARV in 3-4. Mannarino Thiem: I forgot about Thiem when I was writing the intro. His hardcourt game has progressed and in my opinion hes the most skilled player on tour right now outside the big 3. “Mannarino is a tricky lefty” Im tired of writing that. Mannarino doesnt beat guys with power, and mostly pushes the ball onto the backhand wing, which is the wrong strategy against Thiem. Thiem in 3 and Mannarino falls down at least once from the weight of shot. Medvedev Tiafoe: Great. Medvedev who works hard and plays consistent and doesnt bail out of volleys and takes his losses quietly against an overrated dude with an enabling camp. I am so disappointed in Tiafoes lack of progress and his immediate willingness to fistpump anytime anything goes right. Is there still no one in his camp that will tell him that consistent level of play is what wins on tour, not shots. Look at Benoit Paire who is supremely talented and hits 30+ winners per match but always finds himself in deciding sets. Tiafoe has really no chance here, and its sad because had he spent his time earning his way on tour rather than being gifted it, he would be able to compete at this level already. Hes one of the best athletes on tour with one of the worst perspectives. Medvedev in 3. Koepfer Martinez: Pedro Martinez qualifying on hardcourt is pretty damn impressive to me, and he has a guy who just spent a year doing some impressive qualifying. Im glad Koepfer gets his first direct entry into a major, and he should have an advantage here, after his main struggle in majors being fatigue in early rounds after pushing to get through the qualifying. Martinez has the game to take a set here and Koepfers height means he has to play every point a bit harder than most guys, but he should have the consistency to muscle through, and his lefty offense is legit. Koepfer in 4-5. Gaston Munar: Gaston is the French selection for the WC into this event, and he will go up against one of the more difficult defensive tests on the tour. Munar doesnt give up much, and is constantly improving. Gaston is getting acclimated to the challenger tour and isnt quite there yet, but this will be good experience for him and hopefully hell earn his way there in the future. Munar in 3. Popyrin Tsonga: Popyrin was an early round terror for a lot of people in 2019. 2020 has been a middling but brief start for him but he seems to be in good form. Tsonga has played one event and was quickly dismissed by Kecmanovic. This means very little as Tsonga is prone to not giving his best effort at 250 level events, and really has excelled mostly on the indoor tour and any event located in France. Family life and the 2nd half of his career may have taken a toll on Tsongas commitment to fitness, and that makes this match a question mark. Tsonga has the offense to take this match over, and the experience plus name to have this be a mental battle for Popyrin if he gets close to the finish line. Impossible to predict this one, but its hard to see either player winning in straight sets. Tsonga in 4-5 if hes fit and Popyrin in 4 if hes fat. Isner Monteiro: Monteiros impact has been absent on the hardcourt tour for a while now, and it was interesting to see him come through qualifying and beat Norrie before falling to Paire. The loss to Paire seems like one hed want back but Paire played some of his best tennis ever last week in his finals run. Monteiro gets a bonus in this matchup as hell have an easier time holding serve than he would against the rest of the tour, but Isner had a good time in Adelaide and got his serve going for a few matches. Generally when he is in form, his matches include tiebreakers and tiebreakers against Isner are as exhausting to play as they are boring to watch. Isner not being able to hit his backhand into the court is about the same as NBA players not being able to sink a free throw. I know hes a bigman and bigman tennis and fearhand and all the dumb excuses Tennis Channel makes for him, but get Gimelstob out of your box, fix your swing on the backhand wing, and try to be more than just a guy who ruins draws. Isner in 4. Im not sure why I suddenly got angry at Isner at the end of that, but Im not taking it back. Tabilo Galan: It always amazes me when I see guys like Coric and Querrey playing first round that they allow qualifiers to play each other. To be fair, they usually play into a bad section of the draw, but the increased prize money makes it seem like an awesome shot for the guys who land in that section. Tabilo is a good player from Chile and none of you have seen him play. I also have not seen him play, but recent results playing close with Luke Saville and Marc Polmans, coupled with his win over Stakhovsky suggest hes on the cusp of making the tour. Galan on the other hand is a year ahead of him, and did some very impressive qualifying last year. He has that niche factor of never being out of a match regardless of the score, and pushes the pace with his forehand and hits with range which can be difficult for some players to adjust to. His game reminds me a bit of Joao Sousa, and I lean towards his experience, but have no real way to suggest who will win this match. Kecmanovic Seppi: After a disappointing injury led to his US Open exit, Kecmanovic has to be all kinds of fired up to get back into a major event. This kind of speculative thinking leads to a lot of poor wagers as people back guys in “comeback games” against their old teams or “revenge matches” after prior losses. Seppi is a very tricky opponent who is as accurate as he is calm. He doesnt have the power to really hit through Kecmanovics defense but he has the experience to get deep in sets and his ease of pulling the trigger on what he considers the right shot regardless of the situation can make him dangerous once he gets there. Kecmanovic is likely going to be able to take advantage of Seppis spot serving with his movement and should wrap this one up in 4. Kecmanovic in 4. Dzumhur Wawrinka: Dzumhur has looked good the past two weeks in the events he played on the challenger tour and in Qatar, but this is the perfect matchup for Wawrinka to begin his run. Wawrinka managed to be frontpage on the AO page after one of my associates texted me excited about taking a Wawrinka future at 50/1, which means to me he is in immediate peril. Stan has been improving every match hes played since his return to the tour, and although its been a while, that just means hes still trying to get back to the top of the tour. Dzumhur has to produce a great deal of variety to win on tour given his lack of physical dominance, and while his skill is brilliant, at times his errors and demeanor is as well. I dont really see him winning a lot of baseline rallies, so this will likely come down to who is able to hold serve easier. That should be Stan, and I think he comes through here with at least one hiccough. Wawrinka in 4. Goffin Chardy: I swear these guys have played each other like 10 times in the first round at majors, but Wimbledon and Roland Garros are the only spots theyve met with a straight set victory going to Chardy on clay and Goffin on grass. Chardy looked bad last week against PCB after a decent win over countryman Simon, but he is a dangerous player in the first round of any event. He sometimes lacks the timing and with his very smooth oldschool game its important to minimize errors in todays compact game. Goffin is in good form again after a lonnnnnnnng return from eye problems that started to look like hed never get it together again. His serve can become ineffective at times and im hesitant to cite weather but I believe Goffin will have the easier time competing in the smoky heat of Melbourne. Still, its difficult to put out a guy who can play the kind of flawless offense that Jeremy can, so Id expect Goffin in 4. Herbert Norrie: This is a nice matchup of two guys on tour everyone expects to beat but nobody wants to play. Herbert is an upset threat in any 2/3 match and his variety/skill stemming from his years dominating doubles actually make him able to compete with a higher quality of opponent than his results would suggest. Norrie is somehow the opposite. His simple game and preference for the grind make him struggle with pretty much every opponent he plays. I really think the flat backhand/topspin forehand combination is a bad one as his opponents can choose which ball theyre better capable of defending when theyre on defense. Herbert unfortunately wont be the underdog here, and that makes it somewhat more difficult to back him. Norrie plays a low-risk low-reward game, but in a 3/5 format the grind can often be rewarded when one player is looking to play a skilled game and the other guy is bunting the ball back to you and making british noises. I dont think either player can run away with this one, but I hope Herbert does. Herbert in 5. Sugita Benchetrit: A lotta qualifiers are going to be squinting at this spot in the draw thinking at what could have been. Sugita can win the matches you count him out of, and its easy to overlook his consistency on tour over time due to his lack of marquee wins. Benchetrit pulled upset after upset to come through qualifying and that form makes him about even money in my mind to win this one. Sugita is a challenger tour journeyman and is used to competing with these guys, but somehow these two havent met. The winner meets Rublev, so Im not going to put too much thought into this one. Sugita in 4-5. Rublev OConnell: This is unfortunate for OConnell to be playing the hottest player on tour right now. Rublev is also playing some good ball. I spent 2019 making fun of Rublevs appearance, but Ill spend 2020 backing him to win tennis matches. Back to back titles and McEnroe stating that he thought he was a future #1 about a year and a half ago have me starting to believe. In the past hed cough up errors when pressed defensively, but he came up with the answer in the past week every time he was pressed, utilizing some skill that many had not seen before (a few onehanded slice passes and some beautiful two handed lobs. The second serve is a liability as he tends to just spin it in but until he plays a top-tier returner of Benoit freakin Paire he will do fine behind it as hes one of the best baseliners on tour. OConnell has been the most consistent player on the challenger tour in the past year and if you watch this match youre going to hear about how he worked on a fishing boat and now its a feelgood story. He has a smooth onehanded backhand and just keeps hitting the court until people fold. The key to beating him has been absurd power and thats where Rublev (barring fatigue or injury) will end his tournament. Rublev in 3. Basilashvili Kwon: Kwon getting to play in the Kooyong exhibition matches was an interesting choice for a guy who is usually grinding it out. I actually like it because the more comfortable he is on court with the tour players the quicker he will ground himself. Kwon has a very nice game and really doesnt miss off the backhand wing that much. He tends to get behind the baseline a bit given his speed and this is a problem against Basilashvili, who hits the ball past people sitting in the crowd. Basilashvili has been known to tie himself to a ball with string and just hit the ball to his next event destination for free airfare. I do not think there is a harder hitter on tour right now. With a middling ATP Cup, hell have trouble here with Kwon. Kwon moves the ball around and is a fake-test. If Basilashvili makes errors, hell lose this match. Thats fairly straightforward. With the momentum though itll be difficult for Kwon to serve this one out as he hits his spots nicely at times but doesnt exactly get to 40-0 often. Someone in 5 and if Basilashvili comes through easily hell be in good shape to best Verdasco in the next round. Verdasco Donskoy: Donskoy managed to get got in qualifying, and while normally Verdasco is a flight-risk from any match, he turned in a good effort in Doha and should be poised to win this one. Lucky loser entrants have a beautiful history of destroying higher ranked players, and Donskoy possesses a flat yet big offense, but I dont think fresh Verdasco isnt going to find a way to win 3/5 sets of tennis. Verdasco in 3-4. Ruud Gerasimov: Casper Ruud is always a threat to become great. His game seems complete, and when he wins it looks like hes the next big thing. I think his ceiling is either 40-50, or several years in the future, as this match has me thinking Gerasimov is going to win. A big server with a heap of wins over the past year, the fast courts of Melbourne are going to be decent for his chances here. This is a good spot in the draw with Zverev waiting and his early history in majors present in a players mind, and its difficult to gauge how effective Ruuds game will be on a given day. Being the frontrunner in tennis honestly seems to be a hump for all these guys, and so I think this one will be tight. If Ruud wins in 3 Ill back him against Zverev. If Gerasimov wins, I think hell cover a handicap against Zverev. Zverev Cecchinato: Zverev has to be glad to get one of the tours most notable hardcourt strugglers in his first round. Cecchinato hits big but makes errors off of routine balls, and his frustrations are so well-known at this point that even TC announcers mention them. I dont think hell be able to turn around his game against Zverev, and even though Zverev gives up at the slightest hint of adversity, he shouldnt have much here. Zverev in 3-4. See you in South America, Marco. Berretini Harris: This is the other Harris. A nice enough player, this WC will be seen on tour more in the future, but in this one hell just be seen playing defense. Defense, which, thus far, only the big 3 have really proved effective at against Berretinis forehand. Im excited to see how his backhand improves over the course of this year, as if it does hell become a threat to win majors. Sandgren Trungelliti: This is a strange matchup with Sandgren really not making the best effort in some matches and losing, and also making a great effort in some matches and not being rewarded with the W against some lesser players. Trungelliti isnt likely to give this one away, and I have to say that although Sandgren steps it up in majors, he is at risk here. Hes fat(for professional tennis. Its hot. Trungelliti in 4. RCB Berankis: This is an interesting match no one will watch. I wont watch it either. Maybe this match is not interesting. RCB and Berankis should be out there for hours, and although Ive seen Ricardas look dominant from the baseline, RCB doesnt really go away. Someone in 5. Querrey Coric: These two have had similar stories, with big successes being followed up by somewhat disappointing years. Querrey struggles to find the court in rallies and gets outworked when hes not thumping aces, and Coric attempts to outwork his opponents but cant stop hitting the tape long enough to do so. This is a rough first round for both of them as their opponent tests their weaknesses. Querrey is likely the player in better form right now, as he played moderate decent in Adelaide before getting dismissed by Rublev. If this is on an outer court Coric has a better chance as serving is generally more difficult and conditions are more windy. Im already cringing thinking about Berankis somehow beating RCB and then Coric, but Im not going to pick Coric here until he displays the form he did in 2017. Querrey in 4-5. Pella Smith: Pella just shouldnt lose this match. Smith is another of a good crop of Aussie tennis players, but I dont think he would have come through qualifying and I dont think hell hit through Pellas defenses. Pella is coming off good practice competing in the ATP cup, and should wrap this one up in 3. Safwat Barrere: Safwat won the last few rounds of qualifying as and underdog, and now gets rewarded by playing the king of 2019 qualifying. Barrere moves the ball around beautifully, and like other french players the score does not affect the shot selection which is great to see. His strength is holding serve, and it should be his edge in this matchup. Safwat scares me because hes one of the players in the draw I actually havent watched a lot, but this is a matchup of a challenger threat vs a tour threat and I think Barrere will solidify his place on tour with a win here. Barrere in 4-5. Thompson Bublik: Thompson plays tennis like he really wants to be on tour. Bublik plays tennis like he really wants to embarrass the tour. This is another good matchup of conflicting styles as Thompson will take every single point you give away and Bublik will constantly make his opponent uncomfortable. Bubliks T serve is brilliant and his game at net continues to improve. Hell definitely frustrate Thompson who in the past has had trouble finding the pass against serve and volleyers, and although he hasnt been that active recently, Bubliks top gear is better than Thompsons. Its difficult to find that top gear for a full match to I expect this one to go back and forth a bit. Bublik in 5. Opelka Fognini: Fognini is likely to take this one well. Opelka is the perfect storm of physical ability and flailing. Fognini doesnt want a single hair out of place and wont swing at a ball unless its a testament to skill and beauty. Fognini has shown in 2019 that he is not done winning on tour, and although he is prone to mope at any moment, he has competed well. Opelka seems to show improvement in the rally but still coughs up the errors. I dont think Fognini will find 3 full sets of breaks of serve here, and Opelka might by virtue of Fognini feeling the pressure and also Fognini feeling the anguish of possibly losing to a flailer. Opelka in 4-5 tiebreakers. Shapovalov Fucsovics: Marton cant catch a break. A former junior standout, Fucsovics works harder on his fitness than most teenagers work on their snapchat streaks. His reward is often playing the best players on tour and competing hard in a loss. A year ago Fucsovics was not quite as good. A year ago though Shapov (names too long thats all you get) would have been error prone enough to lose this match outright. I saw great things from him in his ATP Cup matches, and he looks a bit physically stronger this year which is a bonus because bless his heart he has puppy dog brains. Fucs (im running out of gas) is prone to getting slicehappy on his backhand, and that complacency works right into Shaps (even more lazy) gameplan as he hits most of his forehands crosscourt and works best starting point from there. Sha in 4. Sinner Purcell: This one is interesting as Sinner will be looking to nab some tour names this year, but Purcell is not one of those names, yet is a quality player. The hopeful in me wants Purcell to compete here, but I dont think Sinner is actually an overhyped talent. He hits very big, applies constant pressure, and although there are similarities to the Zverev that lost match point to Nadal, Sinner has no real serving issues. Sinner in 3-4. Mayer Paul: Tommy Paul had the best beginning to this season for unproven commodities, not only winning a few matches but also being predicted to do so by the books. Hes serving well, hitting with great pace, and is a pretty solid athlete which make him a threat when he keeps the ball on the court. Mayer is supposedly a clay specialist, but his hardcourt game is solid and he hits and serves big. I expect this to be a high level match but having seen some recent struggle from Mayer against guys playing a slight cut below Paul (Monteiro/Cecchinato) I actually expect Mayer to lose here. Paul in 4-5. Londero Dimitrov: Good. I always hope for Dimitrov to get it together and here is an opponent that will force him to. Dimitrov is the better player and has more talent, but Londero wants to win. Hell push the pace and he has legitimate offense that will force Dimitrov to play defense and hopefully keep the ball on the court. Londero isnt really best on hardcourt by a longshot but he has proven that hes willing to improve and compete, and thats big against an idiot parade like Dimitrov. Dimitrov in 4-5. Hurkacz Novak: This is pretty unfortunate for Novak who has been in great form this January. Hurkacz has been in finer form, and while Novak is a hardnose opponent unlikely to give up, Hurkacz has the bigger weapons and should be able to have an edge in this one. Still, given Novaks form I doubt it will be straight sets. Hurkacz in 4. Milman Umbert: This is an interesting matchup given Humberts title run, and Milmans relatively good form against Paire who played lights out tennis. Milman has one shot, and its his forehand crosscourt. Humberts backhand isnt the pinnacle of consistency, and his backhand let him down against Ymer in the nextgen cup so it could happen again. Milman will make this match physical, and while Humbert is capable of playing crisp enough offense to take the raquet out of his opponents hands, its in his best interest to do so here, as Milman will have a tremendous amount of home support out on Court 3. A stadium crowd is one thing, but a smaller stage can get raucous and frustrating, and Humberts main risk is momentum. Still, I think hes at a point where this will likely be a gutsy performance from Milman and an Humbert win. Humbert in 4-5. Halys Krajinovic: Ive never watched Halys play tennis, and its important to note that in case anyone thinks I know what Im talking about. I want to say that Kraj has this in the bag since he is a rocksolid tour player, but hes tossed in some terrible performances. Probably Krajinovic in 3, or Halys in 5.

Watch full length that higher level book. A while ago I read this Reddist post about why Gritty Realism (GR) is awesome, and it struck a chord. Our pacing had been a bit nuts; a few times I had to force exhaustion if they didn't take a few days to relax and recover. I'd also found that - due to my naive generosity with rolling stats, hit points, and distributing magic items - they were batting quite a bit above their level. Encounters were getting harder to balance, and I worried about higher levels, having to customize every monster to be CR 45 in order to pose enough of a challenge to make the fight worth it. I also love extended downtime, using the guidelines in Xanathar's to create plot hooks, contacts, lore dumps, etc. So we ran GR for a while. It was a bit clunky at first, I ran the rests strangely. For the first rest I ran each day as it's own separate downtime which took way too long and didn't really hit home. I tried to expedite the next rest, and it turned out great. Our Wizard made an important contact I've been anxious to introduce, and our Barbarian found a new lead that will be important in the future. Two of the players have been pushing back on GR for basically it's entire life cycle though, complaining about a week being an unrealistic amount of time for world-class adventurers to have to take off to recover. Both of them are really just into a superheroic game where they're essentially on God Mode and annihilating bad guys at every turn. GR isn't for them. The rest of the players seem fine with GR though, but the loud minority is winning out. They're also finding that an arbitrary amount of time (1 week) is breaking verisimilitude. "How does my character know that they're too beat up today but they'll be fine tomorrow. That's just bad roleplaying, but whatever. This got me thinking about a linear progressing rest system, rather than short rests and long rests. A mechanic that allows you to recover a similar amount of resources each time you rest, so that the length of your rest is only determined by how beat up you are. I've shied away from doing this before, as I'm hesitant to really mess with the existing mechanics too much. As a newer DM I dove in and customized a lot of advanced mechanics that may have been more at home in 3e or Pathfinder, and found that the complexity of the systems lead to them being neglected. I didn't want to revamp resting for this reason, and because 5e is already balanced the way it is. I figured this would be a huge undertaking. On of my players got really excited about creating a new linear resting system, and his enthusiasm got me on board. Here's what we've cooked up. It's still a work in progress; we haven't yet run it, and we've only really considered the classes in our party (Bladesinger/Wild Sorcerer, Land Druid, Life Cleric, Champion Fighter, Zealot Barb. We're shooting for something that will have you resting around 4-5 days if you're really spent. Casters will take a bit longer if they've used every single spell slot, but I don't see that being a common situation. Any thoughts, criticisms, ideas on how the system would break if you/your DM ran this would be great! Variant Rest: Linear Progression Short rests (SR) and long rests (LR) are gone. There is now one rest, called a Rest. A rest is a period of extended downtime, at least 8 hours long, during which a character sleeps for at least 6 hours and performs no more than 2 hours of light activity, such as reading, talking, eating, or standing watch. If the rest is interrupted by a period of strenuous activity — at least 1 hour of walking, fighting, casting spells, or similar adventuring activity — the characters must begin the rest again to gain any benefit from it. A character can't benefit from more than one long rest in a 24-hour period, and a character must have at least 1 hit point at the start of the rest to gain its benefits. So same as a long rest RAW, basically. All features that typically recover on a SR now recover on a rest. So eight hours is essentially a short rest. At the end of a rest, a player rolls 1/3 of their max hit dice (rounded up) adding their constitution modifier to each die rolled, and recovers that many hit points. Multiclassed characters treat each HD pool as it's own. ie a 6 Fighter/4 Wizard will roll 2d10 and 2d6, adding his con modifier four times. So eight hours is essentially a short rest, with mandatory hit dice usage. Hit dice are no longer a thing, though, as far as being able to choose how many to use and recovering them on a LR. You just roll 1/3 your max + con on every rest, and that's how many HP you naturally recover. When casters finish a rest they can choose expended spell slots to recover. The spell slots can have a combined level that is equal to or less than half their caster level (rounded up. So basically Arcane Recovery. The other way to looks at this is you can recover spell levels equal to your highest spell slot. If you can cast 5th level spells, you recover 5 spell levels (Five 1st level spells, one 2nd and one 3rd level, one 5th level, etc. each time you rest. All other LR abilities recover when you finish a rest with full hit points. EDIT: We've toyed with the idea of allowing martials to forego their nightly HP recovery to instead regain a LR ability. Might be something we need to playtest. Not a big deal for fighter, but the Zealot Barb has a few LR abilities. That's basically it. I'm sure we've missed something or had some oversights, but I'd love to hear from the community what ideas you've got, how this will cause problems or how it could be improved. And I know someone is going to tell me to just run RAW or straight GR or something like that, but neither are working for my group, so we're trying to find something that does. What do you think.

Insanne. Long live House music. Good vibes... 💗💗💗. Continuing with the 2nd and 3rd round Round 1 - 2. 51 QB - none RB - none WR - Justin Jefferson, LSU (WR8) K. J Hamler, Penn State (WR9) Quintez Cephus, Wisconsin (WR10) Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU Strengths: Incredibly productive 2019, extremely reliable, strong hands, natural hands catcher, has breakaway speed when given space, big play threat, adjust to the ball that is in flight well, played really well against the best competition he faced, great in traffic, played a really tough schedule and was dominant at times from the slot, big body at 6'3“ that should be able to transition to the outside in the NFL, willing blocker. Weaknesses: Plays slot exclusively, only one year of big time production which poses the question of if he is a product of great great offense, needs to continue developing on his hand usage at the LOS and route tree as his mostly consists of crossing and go routes, needs to fill his frame a little more to endure the punishment of the NFL Bottom line: Jefferson exploded with LSU this year. He catches basically everything thrown his way and just continues producing. Great hands, great in traffic, very reliable target, frame that should transition into outside position in the NFL but if not, he can still be an extremely productive player from the slot. The only reason why he isn't higher, and based on production he probably should be is that on his tape you can see that most of his production comes from the system that LSU runs and great QB play. He has an elite trait which are his hands and that is very important for a pass catcher. If he is put in position to grow his route tree and have a reliable QB that can throw him the ball on target and on time, Jefferson will probably outproduce every receiver in this class. If he is put in a bad position, he could fail on the next level. K. J Hamler, WR, Penn State (WR9) Strengths: Route running, ability to create seperation, stop start quickness and change of direction are elite, great with ball in his hands, great playmaker that is a threa to take it to the house every time he catches the ball, elusive in the open field, has some great moves that freeze defenders in open field, blur on tape, almost impossible to cover 1 on 1 Weaknesses: Shades and memories of Tavon Austin because of his size, he is a slot only player on the next level because of his size limitations (5'9. high possible bust factor because of it, questions if he can translate beating press man at the next level as he has faced limited oportunities to do so in college and against athletes equally elite as himself. Botom line: I love watching Hamler play. Reminds me of Dante Hall with the ball in his hands. That slo reminds me of his size limitations and how much players like he bust in the NFL. I can see him not working out but as a prospect he is a very fun, very enjoyable player to watch. He has great route running skills even tho the route running is limited to mostly slot where most of his production comes from. One of my favourite players in this draft class Quintez Cephus, WR, Wisconsin (WR10) Strengths: Ability to release and fundamentally beat the oposing CB, great hands, great in traffic, great on down field shots and tracking the ball over his shoulder, beats press man with hand usage and with foot quickness, ability to produce in a run first offense with one of the best college RBs of all time, fundamentally sound receiver that reminds of Michael Thomas who might not test extremely well but will be a productive force for years in the NFL. Weaknesses: Missed the whole 2018 season due to alegations of sexual assault (found not guilty) he is not the best athlete in the class and will not wow anyone with it, route tree is still limited as is with most of these prospects, change of direction testing will be big as he doesn't really win with athleticism at the top of the route but mostly just outsmarts the oposition. Bottom line: If everything in the background checks out Cephus is worthy of as high of a pick as I projected him here. He is a fundamentally sound receiver, having the ability to stack the CB at the top of his route on the downfield shots, has great hands, great ball skills, tracks the ball in flight very well and adjusts to it accordingly. He just does all the things well. He is also of decent size at 6'1" 210. He also projects more as a Z receiver than a true X. Flashes of Michael Gallup in some of his plays and I project a similar career path to Cephus too. TE - Hunter Bryant, Washington (TE3) Hunter Bryant, TE, Washington Strengths: Very good receiving TE, natural hands catcher, makes contested catches in traffic, improved as a blocker in 2019, gives his effort in the run game, productive for his position and well coached, very good with the ball in his hands, good at RAC, decent route runner for a TE, can be a miss match weapon as a slot player. Weaknesses: Size limitations that will not allow for him to ever be a true in-line Y in the NFL, oversized slot receiver more than a true TE, can get overpowered on the LOS, blocking technique needs work. Bottom line: In a overall weak TE class, if you need a receiving option at the position, you will probably want to go with Bryant. He's a solid pass catching TE who's size doesn't allow him to be a true in-line Y and he is not quick or exposive enough to be a WR but he gets the job done from a hybrid slot/TE position. He catches the ball well, he runs well after the catch, he's productive and well coached and he is improved as a blocker in 2019 and gives his best shot it seems every time. OT - Prince Tega-Wangoho, Auburn (OT8) Prince Tega-Wangoho, OT, Auburn Strengths: Plays with nasty attitude and mean spirit, adequate footwork and footspeed to become an NFL starter, length and size is great, good at combo blocking, good looking athlete, finishes plays, steady player that face a lot of good competition and didn't look out of place, played both LT and RT at Auburn, moves his feet on contact, has the athletic ability to make some great reach blocks. Weaknesses: Plays off balance at times, can get pulled and thugged down by stronger linemen, even tho he isn't really deficient in any category of the tackle play he isn't great at any one thing either, his angles in space need work, can get bullrushed with lower anchor strength than some better prospects, he needs refining as a tackle as he is still learning the position, needs to learn how to extend and lock out his arms to not let rushers into his frame better Bottom line: Wanogho is a prospect that is still learning the ins and outs of the tackle position but the physical traits are all in place. He has great size, great length, moves well in space, has good foot speed. Just needs to put things together more as he develops. He isn't beat that often but when he is he often lets the rusher into his frame or he takes false steps and oversets for a type of rush he expects. If he puts everything together his ceiling is high. I love the attitude and mean streak he has and I personally loved watching him. IOL - Cesar Ruiz, OC, Michigan (OC2) Jonah Jackson, OG, Ohio State (OG1) Damien Lewis, OG, LSU (OG2) Logan Stenberg, OG, Kentucky (OG3. DT - Ross Blacklock, TCU (DT4) Justin Madubuike, Texas A&M (DT5) Jordan Elliott, Missouri (DT6) Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU (3T) Strengths: Explosive player with great get off, elite pad level with extremely good balance, grown man strength at the point of attack, very good anchor strength, very hard to stop in disrupting the play even by double teams, motor runs hot almost every snap, plays in a unfavourable system as a NT but will project much better as a penetrating 4-3 3T on the next level, potential is huge on tape, has pass rush moves and tools and physical traits that NFL teams will covet, love his long arm move, still growing as a player. Weaknesses: Health will be a concern for NFL teams because he has missed whole 2018 with an achilles injury, he sometimes has trouble finding the ball carrier and making the play even tho he is in a good position to do so, tends to be cautios at the snap at times when it isn't an obvious passing down so he doesn't use his athleticism immediately. Bottom line: Ross Blacklock is my favourite DT prospect I've watched this year. He is a grown man at the point of attack. He plays extremely hard and is extremely hard to stop. I haven't seen a lot of DTs have a better pad level in college. He is extremely well balanced and coordinatedwhen attacking gaps in the run game and doesn't spend a lot of time on the ground. Enormous potential that might get noticed in the draft process so I wouldn't be shocked if he is one of the first DTs off the board in the end. Justin Madubuike, DT, Texas A&M (3T) Strengths: Very good anchor strength, good run defender, good pass rusher and interior disruptor, good ball get off, violent with his hands and uses variety of moves to get past defenders, plays with good pad leverage and wins with upfield penetration, productive career and a very productive last year at A&M. Weaknesses: Can get caught up in the block of the OL failing to disengage and make a play, can miss a tackle in the hole, average grip strength to bring down the runners with his hands, can get out of control and fall on the ground failing to do meaningful things on that snap, looks like he takes plays off at times. Bottom line: Projected penetrating 3T with good anchor strength in the run game. Needs to stay on his feet more and he is going to be making even more plays. Looks like a very good pickup on the 2nd day of the draft for the value he provides. Reminds me of Maliek Collins. Jordan Elliott, DT, Missouri Strengths: Length and big frame he can grow even more into, pass rush, anticipation and upfield penetration, at times explosive first step, backfield disruptor in the run game, adequate anchor strength when facing a single blocker, potential is a huge, NFL teams will love him and he will probably rise even more by the end of the process. Weaknesses: Can get bullied by double teams in the run game or by stronger linemen, fails to disengage at times and make a play, looks disintersted at times and content to get blocked without doing much of anything, doesn't always use his amazing pass rushing potential. Bottom line: Potential to be great with Jordan Elliott is there. If he wants to work hard and play hard every snap, he might become a great player in the NFL. Prototype frame with prototype length, Elliott will be rising up the draft boards but his plays off were off putting to me on tape. Even tho he is one of the most prolific pass rushers in the class, even statistically, he needs to play snap in and snap out for me to grade him higher. Improved very much but has long ways to go. EDGE - Darrell Taylor, Tennessee (EDGE7) Bradlee Anae, Utah (EDGE8) Darrell Taylor, DE, Tennessee Strengths: Extremely talented, productive career and 2019, possesses basically everything you want in a prototypical edge rusher to be molded into a special player, developed in his pass rush move usage, combination of size at 6'4“ 255, length, speed, explosiveness, uses variety of moves to get himself free of the blocker, nasty arm over move, easy mover in every direction, looks effortless when he beats the blocker, Taylor's first step is great. Weaknesses: Off the field issues, needs to more consistent from game to game, motor tends to come and go, not going to be on the board for many teams nor will he be a fit for every team, does not look very interested in run defense at times, can allow blockers into his frame at times, bending ability is not great but hip flexibility gets the job done. Bottom line: Taylor could be 2nd best pure pass rusher in the class. That is, if there weren't „off the field“ concers like fighting Trey Smith, his teammate, in 2017 or an on field fight he got into. He is probably not going to get picked on the first day but he has the ability to become special. Somebody is either going to get a trouble child or a possibly franchise altering talent at DE. Reminds a lot of Randy Gregory in the aspect that the talent is undeniable but the cost and the headache might be too high of a price to pay for NFL GMs. Bradlee Anae, EDGE, Utah Strengths: Disciplined steady player, savy pass rusher, good explosive first step that allows him to capture the outside shoulder of the blocker well, good size for a DE at 6'3“ 265, will be a fit for a lot of teams as he has dropped in coverage as an OLB and played in 2 point stance too, very productive career at Utah and improved in 2019 statistically with 12. 5 sacks, has enough physical tools to be a good rusher in the NFL, plays with some power and routinely drives blockers back, sets the edge well in the run game, does his job and plays within his skillset very well, great senior bowl showing. Weaknesses: Does not seem particularly athletically gifted outside his explosive first step and the hip flexibility, bend is okay but nothing spectacular, can overrun the QB because of the lack of ankle flexibility, need him to have a constant plan when rushing, needs to work on his counter moves and to develop a signature pass rush move because most of his production at the moment comes from power and hustle and will to get to the QB, arm length is not optimal. Bottom line: Anae is a steady player that is going to be a rotational rushing piece for a team in the NFL. He isn't particularly flashy, outside his very good initial explosion off the line but he does his job and plays within his skillset better than almost everyone in this EDGE class. He understands how to win and how to get to the QB and is productive. He is very disciplined and will not cause your team to lose. Plays smart, sets good edge in the run game. Will be a coveted rotational piece that can grow into a starting type DE. LB - Akeem Davies-Gaither, App. State (LB6) CB - Noah Igbinoghene, Auburn (CB7) Jaylon Johnson, Utah (CB8) Cameron Dantzler, Miss. State (CB9) Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn Strengths: Athletic ability, great hip flexibility, mirroring the reiceivers and not losing a step, facing tough competitions he played very well, has feel how to cover in man to man coverage, very sticky and almost impossible to shake in the route, can run the route for the receiver, good at breaking the balls up at the catch point, plays through receivers hands, very good at the point of attack in run defense, sure tackler. Weaknesses: Head never gets turned around, limited production, much better athlete than a corner at this point of his career, limited to man coverage only on tape, instincts in zone coverage aren't shown so he might be a scheme specific player that not everyone will covet, the pass breakup technique he's thought is gonna get him in trouble if not fixed (swiping at the ball. Bottom line: Sticky outside corner with great movement skills, Igbinoghene is a better athlete than a corner at this point and all he is basically asked to do in Auburn's defense is to get his man. And he does it extremely well. Playing against some of the best competition there is he really shined and stood out on tape. Not afraid to tackle and to hit. Igbinoghene is an ascending player so far in the process. Many people didn't think he would declare but I think he was right in doing so. He will be a very good player for man coverage teams and if developed properly he can be much more than that with his athletic ability. S - Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne (S5) Kyle Dugger, S, Lenoir-Rhyne Strengths: Incredibly athletic player, shows range, very good closing in a hurry and hitting the targets hard, burst is exceptional, great showing at the senior bowl covering both in the practices and in the game where he showed he belongs, gives added value as a prolific punt and kickoff returner, separates the ball from the receivers with his hits, great at attacking downhill where he is used the best as a hybrid LB/SS type (mini Jamal Adams. Weaknesses: Can be too fast for his own good which leads to some missed tackles on tape, can take a poor angle to the ball, looks to hit more than wrap up which can create unneccessary extra yardage, always gonna be questions about small school with him and the level of competition which he partially dispelled at the senior bowl. Bottom line: Small school prospect that blew up the senior bowl, Dugger is an ascending player who's stock continues to rise with everything he does in this draft process. There isn't much that he can't do on tape but the level of competition is obviously going to be troubling for some teams ( Cowboys are one of them as they shy away from small school prospects with last one being drafted in 2013, before Will McClay era. 3. 82 QB - none RB/flex - Antonio Gibson, Memphis, Lynn Bowden Jr, Kentucky Both of these players are what I would call flex players as I have no idea what to do with them. Gibson is a better Tony Pollard imo. He is a converted RB who played slot receiver most of the time for Memphis and he is electric with the ball in his hands as is Lynn Bowden who is more of a slot receiver but because of Kentucky's offense he was mostly used as a wildcat RB this year getting the highest rushing grade out of all non RBs in the country. Both of these players are interesting prospects that are basically listed as athletes, they don't really fit in RB or WR category with their tape. WR - Isaiah Hodgins, Oregon State (WR13) Bryan Edwards, South Carolina (WR14) Michael Pittman Jr, USC (WR15) Tyler Johnson, Minesotta (WR16) Isaiah Hodgins, WR, Oregon State Strengths: Great foot speed and change of direction skills for a big body at 6'4“, 210, very good route runner, natural hands catcher, jump ball threat, red zone weapon, very good slant and double move route runner, productive 2019 with 13 TDs and over 1100 yards, judges the ball well in flight, has no trouble tracking the ball on downfield shots, extends his hands to snatch the ball from air, very good at the releasing at the LOS. Weaknesses: Pure straight line speed so the athletic testing will be big, competition was not the greatest, as weird as it sounds he is much better at moving laterally on slants and crossers and in routes than he is at going down the field and trying to be a down the field weapon, I want him to be even more physical with the body type he has. Bottom line: I love Isaiah Hodgins. He will be a clasical case of „just trust the tape“ come April. His frame would lead you to believe he is limited in his movement but once you watch him it becomes very clear how quick his feet are and how good he is at setting the defender up and running very precise routes to beat the oposition with explosiveness in and out of his breaks. Straight line speed will be a question he needs to answer and he needs to stay in 4. 5s if he is to stay this high on the board but his tape is solid. If he does not test well, he will fall a bit on the draft day but I have no question in my mind that Hodgins will be a very good player in the NFL for a pretty long time. Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina Strengths: Suddenness at the LOS, very good size at 6'3, 215, shows neccessary hand usage and release techniques to beat press man coverage at the next level, good route runner for his size, shows some breakaways speed when given a little room to get going, sinks his hips and transfers his weight properly on comeback routes, very good slant runner that shields the defenders away from ball with his body, very good feel with ball in his hands and is used as a jet sweep player. Weaknesses: Sometimes he looks like he's running in mud because he isn't the most explosive straight line athlete but has enough speed with time, much better working vertically than horizontally as a route runner, can get knocked off balance when releasing because he doesn't reduce the surface area at the LOS all the time, needs to play better above the rim, needs to continue progressing and working on his route tree. Bottom line: Edwards is an interesting receiver. Plagued by, at best, average QB play, there are things on his tape that lead me to believe he will become a steal when he is picked in the draft. He shows very good footwork and foot speed in his releases but sometimes he overdoes it so he gets jammed up. Athletic testing will be important for him. His speed won't scare many in the NFL but he is a really sudden, tryhard receiver at the LOS that if given little bit of space can still make a house call. He played well against good corners of Alabama, he has experience going against press man coverage. He reminds me of Michael Gallup that just like Edwards, showcased ability against the best competition he faced but still went in the 3rd round. Michael Pittman Jr, WR, USC Strengths: Sure hands, big body receiver at 6'4“, 220, big catch radius, highpoints the ball well, natural hands catcher, great possession receiver, shows more shiftiness than the big frame leads you to believe, great at the catch point, has no problem tracking the ball over his shoulder, adjusts to the throws well, comes back to the football, demanded double coverage from best teams he faced, has a great feel how to settle in the zone, QB friendly receiver. Weaknesses: Limited in his releases, athletic testing will be big, did not face many press man oportunities, does not seem to have that elite breakaway speed, not a big YAC player, route tree and nuances of the route running need to be refined. Bottom line: Very similar to Mims, Pittman is a big body, possession receiver who's athletic testing will determine a lot of draft stock. At times he shows he has the straight line speed to get away from corners but he gets caught from behind too so it will be interesting to see how he tests. He is an above the rim player that is going to be valuable for an NFL franchise. Has a great feel how to attack the ball in the air, because he isn't a nuanced route runner and his releases are limited he also has learned how to catch the ball in traffic and how to squeeze the most out of his play. He will be a great value on day 2 if you miss out on Tee Higgins. TE - Harrison Bryant, FAU (TE4) Bycen Hopkins, Purdue (TE5) Jared Pinkney, Vanderbilt (TE6) OT - Trey Adams, Washington (OT10) Trey Adams, OT, Washington Strengths: Nasty attitude, finishes plays, very good grip strength in both pass pro and run game, knows how to contort and turn his man to create a hole in the run game, good at cutting defenders down, pedigree of a high end prospect, gives ground slowly if he's getting bullrushed with quick steps and hops, good anchor strength, overall very solid player that has understanding of how to play both tackle positions and has played it at a high level against very good competition for a longer period of time, good at puling and comfortable in space, reach blocks well and drives defenders back with one hand. Weaknesses: Biggest issue is that he sometimes forgets about his footwork and crosses his feet especially if he doesn't get proper depth on his pass set and he gets threatened with speed, if he crosses his feet he is very vulnerable to counter moves and inside spins, has an extensive injury history that will probably impact his draft stock, can play off balance at times, the times he struggled the most is against the best competition he faced which isn't enocuraging. Bottom line: It seems like Trey Adams should've been playing in the NFL for 2 or 3 years but here we are, finally, at his senior year and he's here. Plagued with injuries, if he was to declare after his excelent junior season in 2017 he would've been a top 15 pick. He decided to return for another year, year that was plagued with injuries and had him postpone his coming out party for one more year. His tape is much improved from very limited action in 2018. He seems like he is back to his old self. Very good player that has all the makings of a starting tackle in the NFL, Adams plays with an edge, plays almost nasty, has adequate feet and foot speed, is very good in space, good at contorting defenders out of the hole to create lanes for his RB. The only reason he isn't higher is because of extensive injury history and because he had a mediocre/bad showing against Utah and Bradlee Anae which was basically his best competition he faced all year. On day 2, Adams will either be a long time NFL starter or he will continue to struggle to stay healty. IOL - Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin (OC3) Calvin Throckmorton, Oregon (OC4) Calvin Throckmorton, OT/OG/OC, Oregon Strengths: Very consistent player, strong at the point of attack, very good grip strength, latches onto the frame of the defender and turns the player to create the hole in the run game, good hand and punch placement, good anchor strength as he does not get bullrushed easily, adequate foot speed and pass set, continues moving feet on impact and drives players back and into the ground, plays very mean style of football and finishes his blocks through the whistle, very few negative plays on the tape even as a RT on an island, good at cutting backside players off with his body which looks weird but is somewhat effective even tho it isn't technically sound, very good at positioning himself to make a block in space and to shield players off from the ballcarrier even while being a slower athlete. Weaknesses: Probably best utilized as a center/guard in the NFL as his bodytype isn't really a prototypical tackle build, doesn't have „tackle feet“, arm length might be a question as he can get belly to belly at times as a pass blocker, does not look very comfortable pulling as he looks slow and is better in a phone booth type of situation as a blocker, poor showing as a tackle in the senior bowl game. Bottom line: Throckmorton is one of the prospects I love irrationally probably. He is consistent, very savvy as a player. He is probably better suited as a center or a guard in the NFL as his bodytype isn't ideal for the tackle position but I could see him being a good RT in the NFL too. I watched 2 years of tape on him and even tho he isn't the quickest, the strongest or the best looking athlete, he gets the job done and does not give up much. If I'm an NFL GM I know what Throckmorton is and at least if he can't play the tackle he will be a starting caliber center or guard in the NFL. I am also much higher on him than most people and I curently don't know why. Throckmorton is as solid as it gets in this draft class but he might not fit all the checkboxes that pro scouts or GMs are looking for in a tackle. DT - Marlon Davidson, Auburn (DT7) Leki Fotu, Utah (DT8) Marlon Davidson, DT, Auburn (3T) Strengths: Quickness of the snap when playing interior, great showing in senior bowl practices where he showed bulked up which pleasantly surprised me, plays with some power and doesn't lose leverage when setting the edge, pass rushes well from the inside, very hard to stop, plays with some attitude. Weaknesses: Used the wrong way as an edge defender in Auburns scheme which limited the number of plays he makes, needs to get stronger to become a full time 3T Bottom line: Player that was used in a wrong way in Auburn defense and his play showed. He is not an edge defender. He's a 3T and he showed up bulked up to the senior bowl which was great to see. I believe he has some of the highest pass rushing upside from a 3T from this whole class but he is undersized curently and will need to get stronger and bulk up to play 3T full time Leki Fotu, DT, Utah (NT) Strengths: Size, strength, anchor strength, block deconstruction, very good run defender, best pass rushing pure NT in the class for my money, quick feet for his size, great arm over move to free himself of defenders on passing downs, smart player that understands how to play the game and what he needs to do, understands what the offensive scheme is trying to do to him, plays hard. Weaknesses: Not enough pass rush to be ranked higher, not diverse in his pass rush outside of the arm over and bull rush move, when stopped in his pass rush often quits because of the lack of pass rush moves, anchor suffers if his pad level gets too high. Bottom line: Pure NT, Fotu is best used as a 2 down run stopper. He isn't hopeless if first 2 downs are passing downs tho as he he creates the most push from pure NT position I've seen in this draft class. Pretty straight forward player that will make his living as a run stopper and will probably end up having a long NFL career out of it. EDGE - Kenny Willekes, Michigan State (EDGE13) Jason Strowbridge (EDGE14) Alton Robinson, Syracuse (EDGE15) Kenny Willekes, EDGE, Michigan State Strengths: Unrivaled motor, great kid that loves the game, fierce competitor, knows how to use his hands to control the blockers hands constantly, wins mostly with outside speed rush or speed to power, very hard to contain by a single blocker, backfield disruptor with penetration, very steady player with who you know what you're getting every snap, enough strength in run game, understands leverage and plays with good pad level, could be a fit for almost every scheme, pro ready player that has had a productive career. Weaknesses: Looks much smaller and lighter than listed 6'4“, 260, needs to diversify his pass rush repertoair and his approach, can have a hard time shedding blockers hands in the run game at times, needs to use more counter moves once his initial move gets stopped, can get overwhelmed at the point of attack by double teams, unsure about his best fit because he looks like a OLB but rushes almost exclusively with his hand down, arm length is a big knock. Bottom line: My favourite EDGE prospect, Willekes does not take plays off, ever. Hard nose, workman like, absolute menace on the line of scrimmage, I would bet Willekes will have a long and productive NFL career. He might not be the most naturally gifted or the biggest or the most polished pass rusher in this class but he is an absolute force on the field. Constantly making plays, disrupting with penetration both in run and in the pass game, never stops playing. Projects better as a situational pass rusher for the start of his NFL career but with time, I have no doubt that Willekes will be a true 3 down DE on the next level. His attitude, his work ethic and his play will make sure it happens. Alton Robinson, DE, Syracuse Strengths: Very productive 2018 with 10 sacks, well built for a 4-3 DE at 6'4“, 260, often commands double teams, shows rare explosiveness in his pass rush at times, possesses natural ability to capture the edge, get to the outside shoulder of the tackle and turn the corner, when he is on he is a violent player that plays through the whistle, has a natural ability to dip around his blocker, uses his hands fairly well when using speed rush. Weaknesses: Off the field issues, regressed statistically in 2019 from a great statistical 2018, lackluster run defender, loses gap integrity in run game at times, fooled by misdirection plays routinely, can stop playing and take false steps, pad level is often out of order leaving him doing nothing on the play once he is initially blocked. Bottom line: Robinson is a polarizing player in simple fact that he has played pretty well but the production is missing in 2019. He has gotten high praise from Clemson coaches that said he is one of the best players they've gone against this year. Off the field issues are well documented and he could become a steal of the draft if he is in the right situation. Very talented player with innate pass rushing skills and abilities but his stock will vary depending from team to team. LB - Troy Dye, Oregon (LB8) CB - Bryce Hall, Virginia (CB11) Troy Pride Jr, Notre Dame (CB12) S - Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois (S6) Terrell Burgess, Utah (S7) J. R Reed, Georgia (S8) K'Von Wallace, Clemson (S9) Jeremy Chinn, S, Southern Illinois Strengths: Extremely physical player, rangy, athletic and big NFL ready frame (6'3“, 212) that can be used in varity of ways, can be played all over formation (SS, FS and LB on tape) people stopper, does not shy away from contact in run game, nasty attitude, good in man coverage, plus breaks on the ball, understands the defense he plays in, played well against best competition he faced, makes it tough on players he covers, production (13 INTs, 31 PDs in 4 years. Weaknesses: Competition level, sometimes needs to tone down the physicality he plays with which gets him in trouble with ejections, can allow some receptions in the passing game even after being in good position to make a play on the ball, needs to learn when to just turn his hips and run before letting too much of his cushion disappear. Bottom line: Jeremy Chinn is my favourite safety prospect from this draft class. Coming from a smaller schol of Southern Illinois, the competition level is basically the only thing keeping me from having him ranked higher. He has dispelled some notions about this at the senior bowl. Extremely physical, smart and rangy, Chinn is used as a SS, FS and sub package LB at times. Absolute stud for his competition level. If anyone made it this far, you are a champion. I hope you find it informative and thanks for reading once again. Also, if any of you guys are interested, I have a twitter profile linked to my reddit profile where I dump all-22 college clips (until and if they get taken down. I take clips while watching prospects so that I can remind myself what kind of player they are once I'm writing a report or discussing them. Edit: Formating and put Jeremy Chinn in the wrong round with how my board stacks. He is correctly placed now.

Watch full length that higher level song. Yeah it's good for a dance but don't you think it has a little too much prog. Impressed. Gewoon prachtig ! Dank je M 👌🏻👌🏻😍😍😍. Watch Full Length That Higher level 2. Good job... Hi guys. Fair warning: This post will be huge, just like the last year's one I did of this nature and I am sorry for that. Here we are again. It's draftSZN boys and I'm back again with a Cowboys draft targets. Since we had no 1st round pick last year I decided to do full 7 round targets but this year since we have it I decided my post will contain the first 3 rounds full of players that at this point in the draft process have legitimate chance to be there when we are picking at 17, 51 and 82 and that Cowboys might be interested in. However if you guys are interested in later round prospects I will do another post for day 3 players which will probably end up being bigger than this one so please don't make me do it. First off, it is exciting to know that we don't know what Cowboys are going to do this year in the draft, as a fan. We knew in the last couple of years that we won't be drafting NTs or safeties high, we knew what kind of players Rod Marinelli perfers, we knew what kind of high character guys Garrett prefered so we could look at team captains as possible targets etc. We know nothing about the Cowboys process this year so I will be listing EVERY position that I think Cowboys could draft in the first 3 rounds. I will also say that I will not include QB targets and RB targets unless they are a flex type players like Tony Pollard (which there will be 2. Reason for that is that I simply believe we are going to keep Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott is on the highest paying contract for a RB so I believe these positions would be redundant to draft in the first 3 rounds. Everything besides that, players that I believe have a legitimate chance of being there at this point in the process, I will list there and I will make a brief summary of what kind of player you guys can expect that player to be if they are to be drafted by the Cowboys. I also have to put a disclaimer that this is a TAPE evaluation so the grading will obviously not be finilized and as the combine and pro days begin the draft stock of some of these players will inevitably either increase or decrease so that they might become a realistic option at some picks or a reach for another. This post is mainly (mostly) about evaluating fooball players playing football which is imo the most important part. Also a disclaimer, i watch all-22 tape for most prospects, I watched 2018 tape before the season of all these guys and I watch youtube cut ups for evaluation too. Let's get started 1. 17 QB - none RB - none WR - Tee Higgins, Clemson (WR3) Henry Ruggs III, Alabama (WR4) Laviska Shenault, Colorado (WR5) Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson Strengths: Great possession receiver, catch radius, big body receiver at 6'4“, 215, can become a true #1 option, deceptive athleticism, great at the catch point, very steady and reliable, strong hands, adjusts to the ball well in flight, shows some route running ability for a big frame receiver, jump ball threat, downfield threat, handfights at LOS very well, comes up huge in some of the biggest games he plays in, shows YAC ability. Weaknesses: Athletic testing will be a big thing for him to show he has the neccessary long speed, needs to continue working on his route running and develop a full route tree, does not create separation all the time with his route running or with his athleticism that might cause QB in the NFL to be perfect but this is partially negated by his strong hands and huge catch radius and overall ball skills. Bottom line: Higgins is as steady as they come. What you throw his direction, he will almost certainly catch. He will get most out of it too. Athletic testing will be big for him. He just has to show he has enough speed to be a downfield threat in the NFL. He plays for one of the biggest programs in CFB and he's delivering over and over again. Productive, decently well rounded, Higgins is a very reliable and good receiver. He doesn't have the speed Ruggs has and he isn't electric with the ball in his hands like Lamb or Shenault are and he doesn't run routes like Jeudy does, but he does all the little things that WRs need to do well and he isn't deficient in any category (baring athletic testing. Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama Strengths: Different type of elite speed, type of speed that scares oposition into bailing most of the time and having safety help over the top all the time, big play threat every time he's targeted, very good feel with ball in his hands to find an open crease, kills pursuit angles, reliable receiver, plays hard even when not targeted, valuable asset as a future punt returner, shows neccessary skillset to become even better route runner, improved as a route runner in 2019, shows tenacity and willingness to be a downfield blocker, can play inside and outside Weaknesses: Slim build, has trouble separating against stronger players that jam his release at the LOS, needs to improve his releases so that he can take full advantage of his explosive ability, projects more into a Z receiver in the NFL than a true X, even tho he is improved as a route runner he still has much room to grow as the nuances of the route tree escape him at the moment and the routes he is running curently are limited mostly to crossers, go routes and gimmicky plays. Bottom line: With Ruggs, it's all about the speed. He has room to grow as a receiver but as an athlete, he is certainly as one of the most explosive players in this draft class. He is almost impossible to catch when he has space to operate. There's speed and then there's Henry Ruggs speed. He also shows neccessary ability to become an even better and more nuanced route runner on tape like release footwork that can be good but inconsistent, nod at the top of the route to leverage the defender in the direction he wants him to go, putting his foot in the ground and breaking sharply, stop-start quickness, threatening with speed and lowering his hips to create separation on stop routes etc. He will be a valuable player for a team in the NFL, especially as a match up nightmare out of slot and as a punt returner. Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado Strengths: Dynamic playmaker, value as a punt and kickoff returner, hard to bring down with arm tackles, can be an electric player that can take over games with his ability, big body throwback to a real #1 WR type, very good with ball in his hands, explosive in and out of his breaks, tracks the ball well in the air, attacks the ball, big play threat and downfield threat, can be utilized a lot of different ways, can play all over the formation even as a RB, can play outside and inside, very good change of direction skills considering his body type, very good slant runner. Weaknesses: Medical history is a cause for concern, needs to continue developing as route runner, needs to develop his route tree (mainly running slants, go's, screens, crossers) needs to continue developing his releases, I'd like him to be even more physical with his big body at the catch point and bully smaller CBs, needs to continue running his route and not quit mid play at times, production dropped in 2019. Bottom line: Shenault is an interesting prospect. He's a true body type of a traditional #1 WR. He is an explosive athlete that shows at times why he can become much more than that. Moves really well for his size, has very good YAC ability, can play multiple positions. Shenault is going to be a chess piece for some offensive coordinator. He had a better 2018 and has regressed a little bit in 2019, especially production wise. He is still the type of player NFL coaches love and will see and say that they can mold into something special. He has the talent and the ability but he is far from a finished product. Especially as a route runner, outside of few flashes of brilliance, he is limited in his route tree, his releases and nuances of the route running but he shows flashes in all areas. He is a bigger CeeDee Lamb as they are a similar type of WR to me. He has been hurt in his career and that is a cause for concern. TE - none As far as TE class goes, I believe there isn't one worth taking at 17. My TE1 at this point in process is Adam Trautman, Dayton, a small school guy that has amazing tape. He has a grade of late 1st/early 2nd but I think picking a TE this high in this class is a reach and not a smart choice. OT - Mekhi Becton, Louisville (OT1) Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville Strengths: Giant tackle at 6'7“, 370, great feet. Period. And when taken into account how big he is then it is even more impressive how smooth he is, pass set that gets depth with one or two steps when other tackles need 4 or 5, overpowering in both running game and as a pass blocker, arms are so long that the rushers can't even hope to get close to his chest most of the time, good in space, played very well against the best competition he faced, brute strength in his anchor, extremely hard to get past for pass rushers because of the size and his apparent athletic ability, played both tackle positions for the Cardinals. Weaknesses: Sometimes he's at a natural leverage disadvantage because of his size, even tho he has improved in cutting down the bad weight he still has some and will need to monitor his weight going forward, can be a bit top heavy, if the rushers are attacking bellow the waist that is the only time he really gives ground, he is sometimes guilty of stalling as a run blocker when he should finish the job, can fire hands late in run game and go belly to belly. Bottom line: I am in awe of Becton in 2019. When I initially watched his 2018 tape I thought he was good (2nd round grade) but the games I watched in 2019 absolutely solidified him as a 1st round prospect for me. People this big should not be able to move like Becton does. He has shed some bad weight and is continuing to progress in that regard and his athletic ability skyrocked this year. He is smooth, has great set that is extremely hard to get past by the shere size of the body the rusher has to get through, has extremely long arms that if he uses properly (and he mostly does) give rushers NO chance of getting into his chest. I think Becton will end up as the biggest riser in this draft class and I absolutely love his tape. The only way he could drop is if he has a Orlando Brown showing at the combine which I don't anticipate being the case. I believe in Becton as an absolute plug and play player at the LT day 1 in the NFL and even if he isn't starting at the LT I absolutely can see him staring at RT or either G position with the strength he possesses. One of my favourite prospects to watch this whole draft cycle. IOL - none DT - Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina (DT2) Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina Strengths: Elite size and length at 6'6, 310lbs, pass rush, variety of pass rush moves, easy mover for a huge player, violent player, very good hand fighter, wins with his first step explosion and quickness and is going to be up the field penetrating 3T made in heaven for an NFL team, disruptive player that leaves his mark in the run game with the havoc he creates with the backfield penetration, can absolutely blast players not ready for the amount of power he has in his hands, blew up the senior bowl with his play before getting hurt Weaknesses: Medical questions popping up (knee) gap discipline can be poor at times, can get pushed over in the run game if he doesn't win with his explosive first step, needs to be more disciplined in his rush at times creating huge lanes behind him to be abused by screens or misdirection plays, when facing smaller players that have natural leverage advantage over him he struggled at times at the senior bowl. Bottom line: Kinlaw is the best pass rushing DT at the top of the draft. Not as stout as Brown in the run game, Kinlaw still possesses variety of pass rush moves to get to the QB which is the most important thing in today's NFL. He is a chaos player but he thrives in it. His pad level does not get too much out of order when he is creating chaos so he is very hard to stop. Very comparable to Brown, for me, and it's basically matter of preference on who is the best DT in this class. EDGE - K'Lavon Chaisson, LSU (EDGE2) A. J Epenesa, IOWA (EDGE3) Yetur-Gross Matos, Penn State (EDGE4) K'Lavon Chaisson, EDGE, LSU Strengths: Explosive athlete, possesses natural bending ability needed for a ROLB/RDE in the NFL, true OLB that looks comfortable dropping in coverage, skilled pass rusher that uses handful of techniques, great swipe move, good long arm move, uses speed to power, plays with some violence in his hands during the rush and in the run game, disciplined, shows some great dip ability even in the run game to avoid the blocker, able to win with his first step and to turn the corner, has a great counter spin move that he should use more often, shows proper strength at the point of attack in the run game, shows himself rushing with his hand down so he will help himself with 4-3 teams. Weaknesses: One year of production, can be overreliant on his favourite pass rush move forgetting to implement plan B, is not going to be a fit for every team because he's probably best suited as a true OLB, needs to bulk up a bit if he wants to become a true 4-3 DE as he is undersized for it at the moment, need him to be consistent at using counter moves if his primary move isn't working. Bottom line: Chaisson is an incredible athlete that is nowhere near a finished product. He is explosive, disruptive, hard to contain OLB that is going to have to add some weight if he is to be coveted by 4-3 teams at the top of the draft. Sky is the limit for the potential Chaisson has. Should get used more as a rusher in the NFL even tho he is comfortable dropping in coverage and has done so for LSU. Athleticism and explosiveness are elite. A. J Epenesa, DE, Iowa Strengths: Huge prototypical 4-3 DE frame at 6'7“, 280lbs, powerful in his pass rush, quick and deep first step, very good ball get off for his size, his best move is the hump move or a one/two handed swipe, probably enough bend for his huge frame, can take over games if he is on, very productive and rivaling Young in that aspect, he has the tools and the frame to be reduced inside to a pass rushing 3T on passing downs. Weaknesses: Does not possess elite bend to be a true RDE of highest caliber in the NFL, his combine testing numbers will be fascinating to see as I don't expect him to be a great tester, can take plays off and coast at times, can get overpowered at the point of attack in the run game even with his huge frame, has trouble finding the ball on zone read or misdirection concepts, not going to be coveted by all teams because of his enormous size and inability to play as a stand up rusher. Bottom line: Epenesa is a physical specimen that is very polarizing to me. He is absolutely amazing one play and the other play he gets stonewalled by a chipping RB or a TE. He needs to be fully unlocked by great coaching it feels like. He is probably best suited for a LDE role in the NFL (to start off) and to switch inside to a 3T on passing downs even tho he has exclusively played RDE at Iowa but he has went inside to rush from 3T too and the speed he has against guards is a weapon NFL teams have to utilize. His bending ability could be good enough for a RDE at the NFL level but i wouldn't bet on it. Yetur-Gross Matos, EDGE, Penn State Strengths: Coaches rave about him as a person, productive career¸with 8 sacks in each of last 2 years, still young and growing, prototypical body for a 4-3 DE at 6'5“, 265, shows enough functional strength to be reduced inside as a 3T on passing downs, shows good hands and hand placement on the rush and understands how to beat his blocker, has a plan when rushing, retraces his steps well to get to the QB, good in the run game, shows adequate strength at the point of attack, rose to the occasion against the best competition he faced, anticipates runs well slicing double teams and causing backfield disruption, plays hard and plays with effort basically every snap. Weaknesses: Less natural bend ability than some higher rated prospects, not elite in his first step quickness, QBs can escape his grasp at times so grip strength might be questionable, prototypical 4-3 DE frame so he is not going to be a fit for every team even tho he has shown rushing from 2 point stance, can get too up the field leaving his back exposed for draws or misdirection plays, pad level can be a problem at times as he stands up straight in his rush at times. Bottom line: Gross-Matos is a steady DE prospect that is going to be high on many draft boards for 4-3 teams. He's productive, he's a prototype DE, he's strong and long and he plays the run well. He shows the ability to use his hands to win on a rush, he isn't too explosive or quick but he is quick enough for his size. Shows more bend than Epenesa but is not the mauler in his pass rush that Epenesa is but those two prospects are similar for me. Very few truly negative plays from him on tape and the team that gets him is going to love him as a player and as a person. LB - none CB - Jeff Gladney, TCU (CB2) Trevon Diggs, Alabama (CB3) Kristian Fulton, LSU (CB4) Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU Strengths: Very versatile corner that show coverage skills in both man and in zone coverage, reacts to QBs eyes well and makes plays on the ball, has a feeling on how to move inside of his zone and how to retrace his steps to make the play, very sticky in man coverage and doesn't allow much separation at all, fluid athlete with very good reactive athleticism, covering and stay in phase with WRs comes easy to him, turns his head around and plays the ball, very few instances of negative plays on tape I watched where he is truly out of position and beat, very steady player, some of the quickest feet to mirror WR movement I've seen in this class, a willing tackler. Weaknesses: When in press man can miss with the jab and get himself in trouble that way, arm length is a question mark that he has to answer as it is apparent at times when fighting for the ball at catch point or at the LOS trying to get into WRs chest. Bottom line: I love Jeff Gladney as a prospect and I am probably much higher on him than anyone else. I think his tape is 2nd only to Okudah and his skills are immense. I believe he is still severely underrated even tho he is starting to generate buzz int he draft community. He has the ability to play in multiple spots, in multiple coverages and play them all at a high level. If arm length at the combine comes in okay, that will cement him as my CB2 in the pre-draft process. He has less negative plays than both Diggs and Fulton, he is more versatile, he has better foot quickness and ability to mirror and stay in phase than Diggs and rivals that of Fulton. Gladney is just my preference as a more complete player for CB2. Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama Strengths: Big and long corner, extremely physical and aggressive, there are snaps where he completely knocks the oposing WR off his route before he even releases, very good ball skills, tracks the ball in the air like a receiver, willing tackler, for a corner of his size he changes direction exceptionally well, uses his offhand to stay connected to the receiver without drawing a penalty very well, looks for the ball and most of the time finds it, with his physical style of play he often reroutes receivers into the sideline and uses the sideline to his advantage well, gets in the receivers head at times with how hard he jabs at the line. Weaknesses: Needs to work on his tackling technique, his playing technique that he is being taught leaves him open to back shoulder throws where he allowed biggest plays on tape, if he misses with his initial jab in press man he tends to panic for no reason because he has enough catch up speed to catch most WRs, injuries played a part in his career and it needs monitoring, can let a lot of receivers get past him but his athleticism shines to catch them. Bottom line: Trevon Diggs is a 6'2“, 207lb monstrous Alabama corner that is going to be the dream get for some press man and cover 3 man NFL teams. He is aggressive, extremely physical with the WRs he is facing and does not allow much separation. Only times he really gets beat is on great throws or great catches. If his medical checks out, he is a first round talent. Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU Strengths: Extremely fluid and mirrors receivers with ease, very under control in coverage and breaks up passes with ease, does not allow much separation and if he does his catch up speed is very apparent, elite movement in his hips and ankles that allows him to stay in phase with some of the best route runners in this class, click and close is remarkable, breaks on the ball like a FS when he recognizes the route patterns, built well at 6'0, 200lbs, equally equipped to play in man or zone defenses. Weaknesses: Can get overpowered at times by bigger receivers at the catch point or at the LOS, wants no part of being a tackler or being in run support, biggest issue with Kristian Fulton comes from his off the field issues that left him suspended for a year in 2018, ball skills are somewhat lacking. Bottom line: Basically the only real problem with Kristian Fulton is which NFL team will trust him and his ball skills. His pure coverage skills probably rival Jeff Okudah. Because of the known off the field issues my grade is lower but for his on field play Fulton has a legitimate case for being 2nd most talented corner in this class. S - Antoine Winfield Jr, Minesotta (S1) Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama (S2) Grant Delpit, LSU (S3) Antoine Winfield Jr, S, Minesotta Strengths: Range, explosive athlete, ability to click and close like a corner and absolutely blow up players, ability to read QBs eyes, extremely productive 2019 with 7 INTs, ballhawking FS that has the ability to play all over the field, not affraid to hit and to tackle, heat seaking missile in the run game and when closing to tackle, makes plays on the ball routinely, always around the ball and the ball finds him, the best 2019 tape from a safety, reminds of Earl Thomas with bodytype and with playstyle, even tho he is smaller player he is stoutly built. Weaknesses: Athletic testing will be big because of the smaller stature, can get overpowered at times because of his size, can trust his eyes too much and get pulled in on playfakes, tackling technique needs work, questions about the long speed. Bottom line: Winfield is a safety with the best overall tape in the 2020 class. He is a playmaker, absolute ballhawk, shows range over and over again and just continues to flash on tape. He is a player that I expect to rise if his athletic testing checks out well enough because the tape is just too good. He is best used as a centerfield FS type but I don't have questions about him even if he was played in a predominantly cover 2 teams or if he can play in the box even tho his size might limit him there. Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama Strengths: Physical player, hard hitter, very good in run support, takes good angles, diagnoses plays well, plays underneath coverage well, reacts to and reads screens very well, good blitzer, plus breaks on the ball, does his job most of the time, smart player that knows how to play a game and force players where he wants them to limit the potential damage, understands how to play the position very well, young and not done developing. Weaknessses: Limited mostly to a box safety type, struggles in man coverage down the field at times, can come in too hot and miss a tackle, doesn't have enough range to play as a FS, doesn't possess extremely fluid hips so he gets turned around easily on deeper balls when he has to cover WRs, most missed tackles and blunders came against strongest competition in LSU. Bottom line: McKinney is probably the safest bet at the top of the safety class this year. He probably doesn't have game changing potential that Delpit or Winfield are but he is a solid player if put in a position to succeed as a box safety in the NFL. Physically tough, NFL ready, comes from a great program and is certainly coached well, McKinney is a cerebral safety that is probably more of a sure thing to contribute than Delpit is at this point. Grant Delpit, S, LSU Strengths: Range, diagnoses plays fairly well, can play all over the formation but is best used as a FS, makes plus breaks on the ball on tape, had a very good 2018, ballhawking skills showing up in 2018 tape (5 INTs and 9 PBUs) plays as a single high, very good and sticky in man coverage, corner man cover skills, NFL frame at 6'3“ and 200lbs, not done developing, young (21) athletic enough to cover and carry WRs in coverage and big enough to match up with TEs. Weaknesses: Missed tackles, big regression in play 2019, production dropped off in 2019 (2 INTs and 6 PBUs) durability concerns, whispers of not playing at full speed and saving his body for NFL, can bite on advanced passing concepts underneath leaving deep exposed, very bad game against Alabama in all aspects of safety play. Bottom line: Which one is the real Grant Delpit? Although he showed some flashes of his 2018 tape this year, he has regressed heavily in his play. Missed tackles are the biggest concern as he has one of the highest% of missed tackles in the CFB. If he can play like in 2018 he is an elite prospect. 2019, he is not first round worthy. I have to make a disclaimer that basically every CB and S on this list for the first round would be somewhat of a reach for me at 17 but I'd understand if any one of them was the Cowboys choice Thanks for reading if you came this far. I will be posting rounds 2&3 shortly because the post exceeded the reddit limit. Edit: Formatting and added the forgotten players: Laviska Shenault and Jeff Gladney write ups.

VVKool Clap. Watch full length that higher level pay. Watch Full Length That Higher level one. Watch full length that higher level answers. Pole update as of 1/29/2020! 10 new fish! The new hidden fish are numbers 37 and up in the list below. There are also two new 2, 000 pearl fish and a new IAP (that costs a hundred fucking dollars. MOST OF THE HIDDEN FISH UNLOCKS HAVE CHANGED SLIGHTLY, PLEASE READ THE UPDATED INFORMATION! Thank you u/Kurevin for all the unlocks~ Abyssrium Pole is live! All hidden fish are found! Overall, the game is very similar to Abyssrium. You start off with 5, 000 vitality and 5 pearls. Use vitality to buy fish and level up your Iceberg, use skills to boost your vitality earnings, rinse and repeat. Attendance Reward Fish Harp Seal (Day 2. although the menu pops up on day 1, you won't actually unlock this 'til day 2 Arctic Hare (Day 5) Snow Petrel (Day 9) Arctic Wolf (Day 15) Mailbox / Preregistration Rewards Check your "Mailbox" like the Abyssrium inbox) when it has a red dot on it for rewards! Iceberg Level up your Iceberg and your skills. The Iceberg generates per-tap vitality. You get a bonus every 25, 50, 100 etc. Iceberg levels (just like in the Freshwater tank. You can also watch an ad for vitality, buy Blessing of Snow and Vigorous Plankton (DON'T - you get them for free from the Treasure Chest and a few minute trial every day for watching an ad. and buy instant vitality with pearls (waste of pearls. Skills Skills are basically the same as in Abyssrium. Skills now max at level 100. Bird Chorus - unlock at Iceberg Level 100 - Auto-Tap 15x/sec and double vitality for 180 seconds at level 1 (this is your "Volcanic Eruption" Whales Blessing - unlock at Iceberg Level 300 - Vitality Production x1000 at level 1 (this is your "Delicious Food" Moon's Song - unlock at Iceberg Level 500 - Doubles Vitality production for 60 seconds at level 1 (this is, perhaps obviously, your "Song of the Moon" Artifacts Also basically the same as in Abyssrium. Artifacts max at level 10. Singing Clam Coral - Unlocks at Iceberg Level 600 - permanent auto-taps - 11400 times per minute at max level 10 Shining Grape Coral - Unlocks at Iceberg Level 800 - permanent vitality boost - 2000% at max level 10 Resurrection Tower Coral - Unlocks at Iceberg Level 1000 - reduce skill cooldown - by 55% at max level 10 Coral Works exactly like the Coral tab in Abyssrium. Unlock various corals, which generate passive (per-second) vitality as you level up. Fish Common Fish Normal fish unlocks are listed in game. You get a ~3% bonus for each fish created. Fish now have "types" and "subtypes" e. g. mammal, land-sea, etc. You can see a fish's type and other info by looking at it in Manage Fish. Hidden Fish Hidden fish work slightly differently than in Abyssrium. The game will tell you the unlock for 1 hidden fish at a time. You can "change target" every 24 hours by watching an ad, which will tell you the unlock for a different hidden fish. You also can "change target" by unlocking your current "target" fish. The order in which the game "targets" fish is somewhat random. You can unlock hidden fish even if they aren't your current "target. Hidden Fish don't appear in the Manage Fish list until you unlock them. Number Hidden Fish Unlock Requirements 1. Chinstrap Penguin Own Ice Bracken. Tap any Gentoo Penguin's bubble 1 time. 2. Ross Seal Own Pink Ice Branch Coral. Use Bird Chorus 3 Times. Own 8 Penguins. 3. Arctic Tern Own Snow Coral. Complete 10 achievements. Take 1 photo of Cape Petrel using Blessing of Snow. 4. Antarctic Lanternfish Level 100 Small Branch Coral. Own 1 Antarctic Silverfish. Own 1 Marbled Rockcod. 5. Lemming Own White Table Coral. Own 15 Land-Sea types. Own 5 Air types. 6. Humboldt Penguin Take 1 photo(s) of Magellan Penguin with African Penguin. Own 15 Penguins. 7. Galapagos Penguin Take 1 picture of Adelie Penguin with Lemming. Share 1 photo of Humbboldt Penguin using Blessing of Snow. 8. Pink Salmon Own White Fan Coral. Tap any Mackerel Icefishs bubble 5 times. 9. Arctic Cod Take 1 photo of Mackerel Icefish with Patagonia Toothfish. Tap 150 bubbles. 10. Snowshoe Rabbit Take 1 photo of Lemming with Chinstrap Penguin. Own 20 sea types. 11. Harbor Seal Use Whale's Blessing 10 times. Share 1 photo of Harp Seal. 12. Nelma Take 1 photo of Omul using Blessing of the Snow. Tap any Ray-finned fishs bubble 20 times. Own 5 Antarctic Herrings. 13. Skua Take 1 photo of Snowy Sheathbill with Arctic Tern. Cast Bird Chorus 30 times. 14. Thick Billed Murre Own 5 Skuas. Complete 50 achievements. 15. Dall Sheep Use Moon's Song 15 times. Own 5 Arctic Hares. 16. Skipjack Tuna Takee 1 photo of Yellowfin Tuna using Blessing of Snow. Tap any Scombrid's (Tuna's) bubble 15x. 17. Longfin Tuna Take 1 photo of Pacific Bluefin Tuna with Yellowfin Tuna. Own 5 Skipjack Tuna. 18. Northern Rockhopper Penguin Take 1 photo(s) of Erect-crested Penguin with Galapagos Penguin. 19. Southern Rockhopper Penguin Take 1 photo(s) of Snares Penguin using Blessing of Snow. Own 7 species of Penguins. 20. Southern Bottlenose Whale Take 1 photo of Snares Penguin with Hourglass Dolphin. Level 5 Whale's Blessing. 21. Muskox Own White Starfish. Tap Dall Sheep bubble 5x. Take a photo of a Hooded Seal with an African Penguin. 22. Burmeisters Porpoise Take 1 photo of Risso's dolphin with Chilean dolphin. Complete 100 achievements. 23. Spectacled Porpoise Take 1 photo of Burmeister's Porpoise with Southern Bottlenose Whale. Take 1 photo of Burmeister's Porpoise using Blessing of Snow. 24. Canadian Goose Take 1 photo(s) of Snow Goose with Snow Petrel. Level 5 Bird Chorus. 25. Porbeagle Take 1 photo of Spiny Dogfish with Salmon Shark. Own 6 Cartilaginous Fish. 26. Royal Penguin Own White Torch Coral. Take 1 photo of Macaroni Penguin with Harp Seal. Own 5 Fiordland Penguins. 27. Greenland Shark Take 1 photo of Pacific Sleeper Shark with Blessing of Snow. You have to take the photo first for this to work. Then, don't do anything for 20 minutes. (I. e. leave the app open with the screen on and DON'T TOUCH IT for 20 minutes. 28. Reindeer Own Pink Torch Coral. Tap any Greenland Shark's bubble 1x. (If the Greenland Sharks aren't generating bubbles, restart your app. 29. White Flippered Penguin Take 1 photo of Northern Rockhopper Penguin with Southern Rockhopper Penguin. Share 1 photo of Reindeer using Blessing of Snow. 30. Little Penguin Own 15 Penguin Species 31. Narwhal Own Pink Hand Coral. Take 1 photo of King Penguin with Longfin Tuna. 32. Killer Whale Own 8 Sea-Surface Type species. Take 1 photo of Narwhal with Adelie Penguin. 33. Walrus Own 9 species of seals. Own 20 sea-type species. Own 12 sea-surface type species. 34. Emperor Penguin Own 27 species of birds. Take 1 photo of King Penguin with Killer Whale. 35. Polar Bear Own 30 species of mammal. Take 1 photo of Reindeer with Arctic Wolf. 36. Humpback Whale Own 5 Polar Bears. Take 1 photo(s) of Polar Bear with Emperor Penguin. Take 1 photo(s) of Polar Bear with Walrus. 37. Wolverine Level 3000 White Barnacle. Own 20 Land Types. Take 1 photo of Snowshoe Rabbit with Harbor Seal. 38. Moose Level 2000 Pink Torch Coral. Take 1 photo of Dall Sheep with Muskox. 39. Giant Petrel Level 3000 Blue Barnacle. Own 10 Thick-billed Murre. Take 1 photo of Snow Petrel with Arctic Tern. 40. Beluga Whale Own 5 Narwhals. Own 5 Killer Whales. Take 1 photo of Narwhal with Killer Whale. 41. Sperm Whale Level 1000 Straw Coral. Use Whale's Blessing 50 times. Own 5 Right Whales. 42. White-tailed Deer Level 2000 Luminescent Coral. Take 1 photo of Reindeer with Royal Penguin. Take 1 photo of Dall Sheep using Blessing of Snow. 43. Gray Whale Level 2000 Yellow Cylinder Coral. Take 1 photo of Right Whale with Bowhead Whale. 44. Blue-eyed Shag Take 1 photo of Snow Goose with Canadian Goose. Own 10 Snow Goose. Own 10 Canadian Goose. 45. Minke Whale Own 5 Sperm Whales. Own 5 Gray Whales. Take 1 photo of Humpback Whale. 46. Bryde's Whale Level 2000 Lichen Coral. Own 80 Sea-Surface types. Take 1 photo of Walrus with Blue Whale. Shop In the shop tab, you can buy IAPs, buy creatures with pearls, and receive free in-game currency. Pearls Subtab Watch an ad every 8 hours for 20 pearls Midas Tap (auto-clicker. 7. 99 - you get a free trial Various pearl packages at various costs Packages Subtab Snowy Owl - 1. 49 - 200 pearls and 1 hour worth of all Skills Sea Otter - 3. 99 - 700 pearls and 1 hour worth of all Skills Red Fox - 7. 99 - 1800 pearls and a vitality bonus Baby Penguin - 40. 99 - 10, 000 pearls, 1 hour worth of all Skills, and a vitality bonus Baby Polar Bear Pack - 99. 99 (holy shit. 22, 000 pearls, 3 hours of Vigorous Plankton and Blessing of Snow, and a vitality bonus Characters Subtab Stoat - 2, 000 pearls - Doubles Vitality production, 20% cost of fish creation - once you buy 1 with pearls you can buy additional with vitality Arctic Fox - same as above Bald Eagle - same as above Blue Arctic Fox - New. same as above Peregrine Falcon - New. same as above Treasure Chest A bird will periodically fly by and drop a treasure chest. Open it by watching an ad. This works just like the Mystery Chest in Abyssrium. The rewards are vitality, pearls, or a trial of Blessing of Snow. Don't waste pearls on Blessing of Snow for the unlocks, because you can get it for free from the chest. Manage Fish There is improved UI for interacting with the various fish. Clicking on a fish in "Manage Fish" gives you information about the fish's category, sub-category, rarity, and movement type. It also shows the fish's unlock condition and allows you to interact with the fish by deploying or storing it. It also tracks your number of photos of the fish and how many times you've tapped vitality of that fish (useful for tracking unlock progress. And, you can drag and drop fish to mass-deploy them in the tank! You can sort fish by type, e. birds, mammals, etc. by clicking on the icon that looks like 4 boxes. You can also purchase additional tanks in this menu (max of 5) which allows you to create various ecosystems. You can deploy fish on a per-tank basis, which allows you to have custom sets of fish. But, a single fish can only be in 1 tank at a time. Camera Works exactly like Abyssrium, but you can take "couple photos" with 2 or more animals in it. This is required for some unlocks. To take a couples photo, focus on one animal and wait until it walks/swims/flies close to the other animal, then snap the picture while both are in the viewfinder. If you're successful, you'll get a message in the top left of the screen that the couples photo was taken. The camera also tells you what fish you are looking at (top left corner) when you focus on it. Bugs, Tips, Tricks, and FAQs My game is in Korean! Help! Navigate through the tutorial by clicking wherever the arrows tell you to click until you reach the main screen. Click on the "Settings" menu (the gear in the top right corner) and click the 3rd full-length button to change your language to one you recognize. My ads won't work! Hard close the game and restart it. If this doesn't work, try clearing your phone's cache or resetting your Advertising ID (in your phone's settings. I can't upgrade corals/icebergs! Hard close the game and restart. I didn't get the Harp Seal! The new day resets 24-ish hours from when you downloaded the game. Just be patient, and you'll get the Harp Seal on your 2nd day of play. I can't focus on the birds for photos! Yeah, these are a pain and there's no real trick. My suggestion is to store everything in your tank (Go to Manage Fish. Reset Tank) and then deploy only the bird you want to take a picture of. Long-press on its icon and then drag it into the deployed fish box to put it back in the tank. Then, there's only one thing other than the Iceberg to focus on in the tank. You can also try tapping on the icon that looks like a compass rose/crosshair in the top right of the screen and locking your screen on a higher-up focus, apparently this helps some people target the birds a bit easier. You can also try just creating a new bird; that automatically locks the camera on whatever animal you just created. Couples photos are taking forever! Store everything in your tank (Manage Fish. Reset Tank) and deploy only the two creatures you need for the photo. They should deploy into the tank near each other, and you can follow one around with the camera until both are within the viewfinder. Alternately, you can make a bunch of Creature #1, store everything in your tank, and then deploy just all of your Creature #1 into the tank. As soon as you do this, go to the fish tab and create a new Creature #2. The new fish should spawn into the tank right where the other critters were deployed and you should be able to get a couple's photo in a few seconds. The couples photos do require the fish to be pretty close to each other and on roughly the same "plane" of depth on the screen. Once you've taken a photo, you can pan around while the screen is frozen to try to set up a better shot for your next attempt. I have 444442 pearls! This is just a display bug and might mean you have a crummy internet connection. You don't actually have hundreds of thousands of pearls, sorry to disappoint. I'm stuck at a wall at F (G, M, O, etc. The "trick" for Pole is similar to the Freshwater Tank in Abyssrium. Because fish aren't worth much in terms of bonuses, your real star of the show is the Iceberg (and the corals in the early levels, especially if you're a more passive player. The basic sequence is Cast Skills. Buy Iceberg Levels. Buy Coral Levels. Cast Skills again. Only buy fish when they're fairly cheap if you're stuck. The free Vitality ad in the Iceberg tab is also fairly useful, especially in early game, so take advantage of that. If you watch the vitality ad while Moon's Song is active, it multiplies your vitality earnings by your Moon's Song multiplier. The "Blessing of Snow" and "Vigorous Plankton" boost is useful but not something you should waste pearls on; you can get it for free by watching an ad for 3 minutes per day or as a reward from the Treasure Chest. I can't unlock the Walrus! Update your game! The Walrus used to require 13 Sea-Surface type fish; however, only 12 of those are unlockable in the game prior to getting to the Walrus. Unfortunately, this meant the Walrus (and the Humpback Whale, which depends on the Walrus) were unavailable, but this is patched for Android as of Jan 14th 2020, and the patch is in review for iOS. What counts as a Sea Type / Land-Sea Type / Sea Surface Type? Each creature lists its Type under its entry in the Manage Fish section. A helpful user created a chart of which creature is which type which you can find by clicking here! How can I get pearls? The fastest way to get pearls in the early game is definitely by completing Achievements, though these do eventually max. Your fastest achievements are gonna be your coral level achievements (make sure you level up even your cheap/ineffective corals and you'll get tons of pearls. and your taking/sharing photo achievements, which can be spammed by taking photos of any old thing and clicking "share" then backing out before a draft has been completed. If you have the Midas Tap skill you can easily spam the "tap x times" achievements, too, by just leaving a stylus on the screen (or a lime or water bottle. or you can "trap" it on the screen by activating it and then watching an ad without releasing your tap. Put out some Greenland Sharks/Porbeagles with Midas Tap on screen to max the "tap fish bubbles" achievement quickly (they swim below the coralite. You can also get free 20 pearls per 8 hours in the Shop tab by watching an ad - the time between these ads reduces as you level up your Resurrection Tower Coral. And of course open the Treasure Chest as soon as it's dropped, for a 1/3 chance of 10 pearls. (And you can buy them, if you have money. It's more cost effective to buy the fish packages than the pearl-only packages. What should I spend pearls on? Your first pearls should go to leveling up your Whale's Song and Bird's Chorus skill to Level 5, as these are required for an unlock. You can intersperse this with buying levels of the Resurrection Tower Coral, which is the most useful artifact. The Resurrection Tower Coral decreases your skill cooldown (including the time between ad watches to refresh skills) and the time between Free Pearl ads, so it substantially increases your pearl earnings. You'll want to max it out. Then, you'll want to consider saving up your pearls for the 2, 000 pearl fish. You need one of the Stoat or the Arctic Fox for the Polar Bear unlock (30 mammal species. Finally, dump the rest of your pearls into levels of Moon's Song and Whale's Blessing (they cap at 100 levels) as they're the most effective vitality earners. You can also consider buying and leveling the other two artifacts, but only do that if you like them aesthetically - they grow twice as you level them up and look very pretty, but don't otherwise do much for your gameplay. I got the Blue Whale - what's this white box in the corner of my screen? It's a default placeholder for whatever the next "normal" fish will be. The text in Korean says "Next Fish Here.

Watch Full Length That Higher level 5. EDIT: Ive made some editing corrections and combined all the sections into one place. Please let me know if you see any other corrections that need to be made and thanks for reading: Lixial ran through the streets, his breathing sacs working overtime, their constant wheezing matching his rapid heartbeat. The night sky overhead was lit up by the scores of vehicles flying through the sky lanes. Monolithic towers rose up into the abyss, rising higher than he could see. Turning a corner, Lixial thundered on, his tiny legs screaming in agony. Two days. For two days hed been on the run and theyd been on his trail at every turn. What had he been thinking? It was foolish and rash to think he could even survive, let alone have a life outside the palace. Shivering, he wished hed brought more practical clothing, but hed had little time. His father would have his agents hunting for him throughout the entire universe, Oligarchical borders be damned. Ducking into an alleyway to catch his breath, Lixial buried his face into his grippers, breathing heavy. He just couldnt take it anymore. The atrocities his father, his people had committed. The slaves, the exploitation of planets. The destruction of entire worlds. It had all been too much for him. He couldnt see it, as a child. But over the years, his eyes were opened more and more, until the overwhelming guilt consumed him. For years hed been a spoilt brat, squandering his opportunity and privilege on flamboyance and indulgence. It appalled him to think of all the pain he had caused, and worse still all the pain he could have tried to stop. He could never stone, but he could try. He just needed to escape hs fathers reach, then he could begin to try and make change. It wouldnt be easy though. As one of the founding races of the Elipsisial Oligarchy, his people had vast amounts of wealth and influence. While some races may have frowned upon their activities, there was little that could be done short of open war between the peoples, and that was something nobody wanted. Switching on his holo-pad, Lixial checked the location. He was close now. If he could just make it to his transport, he would be in the clear. He had enough funds to buy passage out of the galaxy. He could flee to somewhere the Oligarchy and his father couldnt reach him. Pausing to regather himself, he couldnt help but laugh. Whatever happened, hed done something no one else had done for decades. Hed stood up to his father. Hed defied the great ruler of the Inner Systems. Hed done something to be proud of, and it filled him with joy. Chasing this feeling, this sense of purpose, was something he could die doing. Something he would die doing, and soon, he reminded himself, unless he made it to the transport. Pulling his hood down over his face, he slipped into the crowd. As a Nautillian, he had excellent vision, his species large eyes having evolved over thousands of years to hunt in the deep sea. He used that to his advantage, one of the few advantages he had at his disposal. Hed always been frail, and hadnt felt the need to belittle himself with training or working to better himself. Such a stupid child hed been. His own arrogance sickened him to his core. Weaving through the crowds, Lixial slowly approached the transport yard. A poorer, more rundown part of the city, Lixial had never known it existed. He imagined there were many such places like this. Hidden from those who lived in the palace. Spinner Rats screeched at him, their spines raising up like fans from their filthy grey fur. Fluid leaked from their fangs and hatred shone bright in their beast eyes. He shuddered, and tried not to bother them. This was their home, he told himself, much more than his. He buried the other voice that told him the Rats would probably eat him. Gingerly stepping between the destitute and rundown ships, scanning their identification codes with his holo-pad. As much as he wanted to escape, a lot of these “vessels” appeared to view cleanliness as more of Finally, his holo-pad identified the ship. As he approached, Lixial felt incredibly uneasy. Something about this vessel was just off. The shape, the design, it was technology hed never seen. Heavy wings, covered in what looked like weapons of some kind, spread wide from the central body. Blocky and heavy, the main shape was nothing like the smooth sleek vessels of the Nautallins. Checking himself, Lixial shook his head in anger. His pride and attitude were something hed have to correct if he wanted to help people. No one wanted aid from a rich brat. Bringing up the ships specs, he approached the rear entryway. Nervously peeking round one of the stabilizer legs, Lixial looked up the ominous walkway. Shadows obscured his vision, and a dread sense of foreboding warned him against going any further. Yet, if he was to atone for decades of horror, this was his path. Stepping forward, he called out into the darkness. “Uh, hello? My name is Lixial. I arranged passage on this ship. This is The Dolly Parton, yes? ” Lixial hated how frail his voice sounded, but he couldnt control his fear. Before he could call out again, a terrible growling emerged from the bowels of the ship. Lixial fell back in fear, trying to crawl away from the monstrosity that had emerged from the shadows. The access ramp of The Dolly Parton shuddered underneath the weight of the creature prowling down its length. As it fully came into view, Lixial almost relieved himself in the mud. Four hugely muscular legs, each taller than a fully grown Nautillian, ending in wide clawed paws. The beasts body would seem comical if it wasnt so terrifying, slabs of muscle making it look almost as wide as it was tall. A dark shaggy mane grew from its back and neck, course and rigid fur standing up almost like bristles. Its head was enormous there almost no distinction between head, neck and body. The creatures cavernous mouth opened up in a mocking grin, its tongue hanging loose in its maw. Panting, the beast approached even closer, its intelligent eyes peering into Lixials very soul. “Oi! Leave the fucking kid alone ya big brute. ” A scolding, muffled voice yelled from behind the beast. Lixial tore his eyes away from the visage off death to look at whod spoken. He had to warn whoever this was, to get them to flee while they still could. “No, run! I. Ill distract it. You get out of here. ” Lixial almost squeaked the words out. Hed done his best to sound commanding, but again, his fear had bled through into his words. The stranger stepped into view and Lixials heart sank. Now both of them would be killed. “I appreciate the sentiment mate, but I reckon Ill be fine. ” The stranger was laughing now, much to Lixials confusion. Looking at him, Lixial couldnt determine what species he was. The stranger had on clothing the likes of which Lixial had never seen. What looked like combat gear had been repurposed and modified to such a degree that he couldnt trace its origin. A ragged shawl of some kind obscured most of its upper body. Some obvious cybernetic enhancements could be seen on its arms though, with the strangers entire right forearm being a prosthetic. Its face was obscured by some form of mask, and a strange headdress sat atop its head, the tight fitting cloth hugging the strangers dome. His fear and despair rising, Lixial almost choked on his own breathing sac as the stranger softly kicked the huge beast in the rear. It stood almost at the strangers shoulder height, yet he showed no fear. Amazingly the creature didnt attack, but turned to face him, barking sheepishly. The stranger affectionately ruffled the beasts head, then pushed it towards the Dolly Parton. “Back on the ship ya mongrel. And dont shit in the cockpit again! ” The stranger called out after him as turned away from the departing creature, shaking his head. Offering a phalangeal limb to Lixial, the stranger inclined his head. Pulling himself up, Lixial shook his head in awe, his facial tentacles twitching in distress. “What was that? And why did it listen to you? ” Lixial stared at one of the huge paw prints left behind, not even realizing hed spoken. “Mungo? Hes my best mate. Had him since he was a pup. ” The stranger laughed at Lixials confusion. “Hes a pitbull. A dog. My people have been breeding them for centuries. Used to be way smaller. ” “That things your pet? ” Lixial couldnt believe what hed just heard. To willingly breed something like that. Who was this stranger? “Yeah, course he is. Though I reckon hed say its the other way round. Still, hes a good dog. Not many would wanna have a go with him. ” The stranger activated his holo-pad and was scanning Lixial. “Righto kid. Youre the one who booked passage yeah? Where we headed? Pretty strange, last minute request with no destination, but Im not one to judge. ” Forcing himself to focus, Lixial nodded his assent. “Yes, Im the one who booked passage. I need to get out of Oligarchy space as fast as possible. Whatever route and destination you deem safest Ill accept. ” Lixial tried not to reveal too much, but he was desperate at this point. His fathers agents would find him soon, then it would all be over. “Righto, seems pretty straightforward. I got a good route through some of the smaller systems. ” The stranger cocked his head, staring at Lixial for a moment. “Who you on the run from kid? ” Lixial froze. Stammering, he couldnt come up with a story quick enough. After a brief moment of spluttering and half formed words, the stranger laughed, waving him off. “Its fine mate, your business is your business. Lets get on with it, aye? ” With that the stranger grabbed him around and the shoulder and began walking him towards his ship. “Listen kid, I dunno where you come from or what kinda music they got there, but Im gonna introduce you to some of the best tunes youve ever heard. ” Feeling more at ease, Lixial smiled. “Id like that, where exactly-“ A shout from behind interrupted him before he could finish his line of questioning. Looking over his shoulder, Lixials eyes bulged. An entire squad of Peacekeepers had tracked him down. The four burly, chitinous brutes wore the midnight black garbs of their office. Long cremonial robes flowed over their chitinous, serrated bodies. Their hard red outer shell was as hard as armor, their inner fluids securely protected. Wielding large electrostaves in the smaller pair of the their upper limbs, the Peacekeepers real weapons were their larger pair of arms. Huge pincers viciously snapped at the air, held aloft by segmented limbs bigger than Lixial himself. Chittering forward, the four Peacekeepers approached confidently, their position as his fathers elite lawmen meant they were untouchable. No one would dare cross them. “Lixial Vin Laudiam, heir to the Inner Systems, on behalf of your father we are forcefully returning you to your quarters for supervised re-education. Do not make this harder than it needs to be. ” The Peacekeepers mandibles garbled out the words in Nautillian. Since they spoke his tongue naturally he didnt need to use his translator, though Lixial found their accent harsh and brutal. “Tell my father that I-“ Lixial found himself interrupted once again. Hed really need to be more forceful if he wanted to get things done. Looking to his left, he saw that the Stranger had put himself between Lixial and The Peacekeepers. This crazy man would get himself killed and Lixial couldnt handle another death on his conscience. “Stand aside, or you will be extinguished. ” One of the Peacekeepers brandished its electrostaff, spinning it with a flourish. The four crustaceans had spread around them, encircling Lixial and the Stranger. With size, numbers and weapons on their side, they clearly had the advantage. Lixial turned his attention to the Stranger, who had barely moved since stepping forward. Whatever race he belonged to, didnt have any noticeable physical tools, as far as Lixial could see. This would be a short battle if it came to that. “We will not ask again, ” Spat the largest of the Peacekeepers, and seemingly the most impatient one as well. “Stand aside. ” In response, the Stranger gave a short, sharp whistle and to Lixials perceptive eyes, it seemed as if time slowed. The rearmost Peacekeeper moved to charge the Stranger from behind. Before it could even step off, a grey blur thundered into the Peacekeepers back, crushing it to the ground. A terrifying rumble emerged from Mungos throat, like the thunder storms of Lixials homeworld, before the huge beasts large jaws began savaging the fallen Peacekeeper. As his companion tore the Peacekeeper apart, the Stranger drew some weapon from a holster at his hip, concealed by the raggedy shawl he had draped over his shoulders. The remaining Peacekeepers, frozen in horror at their companions horrific screams, began firing bolts of energy from their electrostaves at the Stranger. Throwing his cybernetic arm up in front of him, a purple glowing energy shield manifested from a generator embedded within the prosthetic. Lixial ducked behind the Strangers legs as the bolts of energy slammed into the ground around him. Looking up, he saw the Peacekeepers attacks were being deflected off the shield, ricocheting away randomly. As a nearby ship was destroyed, Lixial grimaced. The bolts from the Peacekeepers were being deflected for now, but the shield wouldnt last forever. The Peacekeepers began advancing on the duo, closing the distance between them rapidly. As they edged closer, the Stranger brandished the weapon hed drawn earlier. An odd metallic instrument, Lixial assumed it was a blaster of some kind, though hed never seen the like and it looked decidedly low tech. Noticing the weapon, the Peacekeepers activated their own shields in response. Blue discs of blazing light formed from a device on their chest, the Oligarchys symbol blazing brightly in the centre. These were the best defensive equipment the Oligarchy had to offer, worth more than most ships in the docking hard. Lixials heart sank. Outnumbered, the Strangers shield would give out long before his assailants. Still, he commended the Strangers courage, as he appeared unperturbed. Looking at his would be savior, Lixial could barely detect the rise and fall of his chest. Whoever he was, the Stranger could keep his composure. Raising his odd weapon in line with one of the oncoming warriors, the Stranger took aim. The Peacekeepers began to laugh, their approach quickening. As the Stranger pulled the trigger, Lixial closed his eyes. It would be over soon, he knew, and he didnt want to watch an innocent suffer because of him. Thoom! Lixial dropped to the ground, crying out in pain, both hands covering the base of his skull. His statocysts ringing, Lixial groggily looked around. Whatever that sound was had nearly burst his sensory organs. Looking up, Lixial couldnt believe his eyes. One of the Peacekeepers had fallen to the ground, half its upper torso obliterated, a huge crater leaking fluid and flesh was all that remained of the left side. Pieces of the body had been thrown back all over the dockyard, and on the Peacemakers brethren. The remaining two Peacekeepers stumbled back, horrified at the brutal death of their comrade. Lixial almost felt a pang of sympathy for them, as he knew Peacekeepers squads were brood mates. Lixial looked to the Stranger, smoke rising from his weapon, staring coldly towards the remaining Peacekeepers. Trying to push himself to his feet, Lixial bumped a small gold object with his gripper. Picking it up, he realized he was holding an expelled cartridge. That meant the Stranger had used kinetics. A kinetic! Hed just fired a kinetic round. Lixial couldnt believe it. Nearly every race he knew of used some form of blaster or energy based weapon. They were cheaper and thousands of species had convergently developed the technology. Kinetics were only used by a tiny amount of species, and were notoriously expensive and difficult to produce. Who was this man? Owning kinetics, his strange garb and equipment, his pet monster. What had Lixial stumbled onto? His thought process was interrupted as the stranger readjusted his aim. Covering his statocysts, Lixial flinched as the Stranger fired again, blowing one of the Peacekeepers legs off in a spray of blood. Falling to its back, the wounded Peacekeeper began gurgling in pain, its thrashing slowly fading into pitiful twitching. The remaining Peacekeeper turned and began scrambling away, tripping over its siblings corpse in its hurried escape. Stepping towards the legless Peacekeeper, the Stranger gave another whistled then raised his weapon nonchalantly towards the escaping Peacekeeper. Lixial felt the wind on his neck as the Strangers beast thundered towards its prey, still futilely attempting to crawl to freedom. Lixial averted his gaze as the monster fell on its victim, the warriors screaming abruptly cut short as pieces of armor were thrown about. A final boom from behind made Lixials stomach turn. Looking over his shoulder, Lixial saw the Stranger standing over the last Peacekeeper, weapon leveled at what was once its head. What remained was an unidentifiable pile of biomass. Spinning his weapon, the Stranger holstered it then began rifling through the Peacekeepers robes. Rising to his feet, Lixial approached the Stranger in stuttering steps, trying not to look at the headless corpse at his feet. As he got closer, Lixial saw what the Stranger was doing and rage filled him. “What are you doing? ” Lixial hadnt meant for the anger to creep into his words, but he couldnt help himself. The dead should be respected, not desecrated like this. “Grabbing anything worth anything. Theyre not using nothing anymore, ” the Stranger replied cheerfully without looking up. “Why dont you carry them sticks up onto the ship and lets get out of here. ” Grudgingly, Lixial did as he was told. He wasnt in any position to do otherwise. This man held his fate in his hands, and Lixial had just seen him slaughter a squad of Peacekeepers. Lixial carefully walked about the battle scene, trying not to step in anybody. The electrostaves were large and awkward in his frail arms, but Lixial didnt want to show too much weakness if he could help it. Grabbing up the last of the electrostaves, Lixial shuffles towards the Dolly Parton, trying not drop the weapons. Catching up to the Stranger, he made his way up the gangway and took his first step on the Dolly Parton. He was standing in some kind of hangar, weapons of all kinds adorning one wall. On the opposite side, shelves full of various storage containers covered the entire length of the wall. As the Stranger knelt down to place whatever he had looted from the bodies into containers, he nodded towards the weapons wall. “Just chuck those on the ground over there. Ill find somewhere for them later. ” Having finished securing his stolen goods, the Stranger rose to his feet then headed back down the gangway, his stride seemingly carefree despite what had just occurred. Hanging off one of the pistons that lowered the gangway, he yelled back out to where the battle had taken place. “Mungo! Back here, were leaving! ” Dropping the weapons, Lixial turned just in time to see Mungo charge back up the gangway into the ship. Panting heavily, smiling face covered in gore, the dog sat down heavily on his haunches. Lixial watched a drop of blood fall from the brutes wide grin and gagged. The Stranger rubbed the monsters head affectionately, then walked down the hangar towards the cockpit. “Hey Licks, why dont you come up here and we can work out where were going. ” The Strangers voice called out behind him as he ducked into the cockpit. Lixial took a breath, trying to push what he had just seen out of his mind, then followed the path the Stranger had just taken. As he entered the cockpit, Lixial was taken aback by the technology on display. Inside the spherical chamber were numbers and data feeds in languages he had never seen before. Screens, keypads and levers were splayed out on a crowded control pad that spanned half the cockpit. The Stranger himself was lounging in one of the two chairs in front of the controls, feet resting on a screen displaying an outside view of the ship. “Alright Licks. Wanna take a seat tell me what that was about? ” The Strangers expressionless mask made it difficult to read his tone. Lixial decided hed be upfront. “My father is the ruler of the Inner Systems in the Elipsisial Oligarchy. Im on the run, with data proving his crimes. Im hoping to atone for the sins of my father and my people. ” Lixial tried to put on his bravest face, forcing the tentacles around his mouth to remain still. “And why do you call me that? ” “What? Licks? Its a nickname. Just a thing I do. ” The stranger said absentmindedly as he turned and began playing with the console. Soon the ship was whirring to life. “So, just so were on the same page here. Your old man is a prick, whos doing bad shit to a lot of people. And you wanna stop that shit. Now youre runnin away and hes got people after you. That about sums it up yeah? ” Surprised at the Strangers nonchalant manner, Lixial could only nod. The Stranger turned back to Lixial, then leaned forward, bringing his face much to close as far the small Nautillian was concerned. “Well alright then. I was planning on heading back to my home system anyway. Why dont you tag along, and well see how that shakes out for you. ” The Strangers tone seemed softer now, almost sympathetic. “It is a long way mind you, and its not the safest journey. Could be putting yourself at risk. ” “Im willing to do what it takes to make something good of myself. ” Lixial said, and the firmness in his voice surprised him. “Where exactly is your home system? ” The Stranger chuckled, then removed his mask. Lixial reared back in disbelief. Whatever he had thought would be under the mask, Lixial couldnt have prepared himself for this. Knotted black hair clumped into ragged locks hung from beneath the strange headdress on the Strangers head. Brown skin covered the Strangers face, internal jaws mostly hidden except for single mouth. Shining white teeth, with obvious canines, were being brandished in what Lixial could only helps was a positive expression. Piercing binocular eyes stared into him as he tried to process what he was seeing. He knew what the Stranger was. Chuckling, the Stranger smiled wider. “Well, Im from the Sol System, ” the Stranger said as he leaned back into his chair, scratching at the scruffy hair around his chin. “From planet Earth. ”.

On a post last month about some certain former OKC members scoring exploits, I came across this comment by Charwinger21. And while I concede that the decision to trade James Harden (and pay Kendrick Perkins) may be the biggest ‘What If? moment in NBA, I would like to introduce another contender. This is the ultimate Butterfly Effect trade. The aim of this game is not to choose the greatest point of deviation between the life we have and the life we could have. Rather, it is to make a small change, an infinitesimal alteration to the fabric of the basketball universe, and watch chaos unfold. In the middle of February 2009, a team with a 13-40 record made a trade with a team sitting at 30-20 for a 26-year-old big who was averaging just 8. 8 points and 8. 3 rebounds. The following decision – one not made by a player, coach, executive or agent – swung at least 2 tiles in the years immediately following, and maybe more in the years after. It directly altered the legacies of one of the top 20 players of all time (Dirk) and tangentially affected at least four others (LeBron, Kobe, Durant, Duncan) AND one of the great never-was teams (the young OKC Thunder. I present to you, the Tyson Chandler No-Trade. One Night in Oklahoma A perusal of Tyson Chandlers Wikipedia page reads about as you expect. An enormously tall child, Chandler dominated in high school and was drafted into the NBA as a teenager. Horrendously miscast as half of Chicagos new Twin Towers opposite Eddy Curry, he found his calling as Chris Pauls pick-and-roll partner in New Orleans. He had a stop-over in Charlotte, anchored the champion Mavs (shockingly, only playing 149 games for them over two stints) won DPOY during a fun Knicks resurgence, and has now settled into a role as a veteran gun-for-hire. By all accounts, a wonderful resume befitting one of the leagues great role players. This page reads as expected, with one exception: “On February 17, 2009, Chandler was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Chris Wilcox, Joe Smith and the draft rights to DeVon Hardin. …on February 18, the trade was rescinded and Chandler was sent back to the Hornets. ” Less than two years later, Chandler had gone from CP3s buddy into the lynchpin of a reformed Dallas defence, transforming a notoriously soft and offence-heavy Mavs franchise into one capable of throttling the talents of the worlds best player and all-time all- I-can-get-to-the-rim-and-theres-nothing-you-can-do-to-stop-me first-teamer LeBron James, and saving the legacy of one of the leagues (now) beloved stars. But for a brief moment, Chandler was a member of the leagues premier up-and-coming franchise. Why Didnt The Trade Go Through? The official reason: The Thunder were worried about Chandlers turf toe. Tyson had a history of injuries to his left toe, bad enough to have surgery in April 2007. Chandler played all but 3 games in 07-08, and although he had missed a good chunk of time in the lead up to the trade, it was due to a badly sprained left ankle not his toe. In a cruel twist of fate, the same doctor who had performed the surgery, Dr. Carlan Yates (who had done so during the Hornets temporary post-Katrina relocation to OKC) was now administering his physical. In a February 2009 interview with Chris Broussard and March Stein, Chandler stated that “He [the doctor] told me, ‘I have no doubt you can play on it. Im just saying it could take a turn for the worse if you come down on somebodys foot or hyperextend it or something. '” Had Dr. Yates not administered the physical, with his prior knowledge of the injury, Chandler very well mightve joined the newly relocated team. The biggest shock in the trade is how little the Thunder had to give up. Wilcox and Smith combined for 1482 minutes for the Thunder that season, only 37 more than Chandler did for the Hornets. Neither played for the Thunder post-no-trade. On February 19, Wilcox was swapped for the Knicks Malik Rose, whose rights were renounced by the team that December. Not even 2 weeks later the Thunder bought Smith out and he signed with Cleveland. Devon Hardin never played in an NBA game. The trade was a solid financial move too. The Thunder might have considered his 11, 350, 000 salary (salaries here on out are as per Basketball Reference) too costly for a Center who only managed half of a season, but Chandlers salary amounted to less than the Wilcox and Smith duo, who combined to earn 11, 545, 000 that season. Would you rather have Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith or Tyson Chandler and a spare 200k? Were the Thunder worried that Chandler would have ruin their tank by reforming their defensive rotations? Even with a healthy Chandler, Oklahoma Citys first season of pro hoops wouldnt have gotten off the Western Conference floor. Real life Chandler managed to suit up for just 13 more regular season games, plus 4 games in the Hornets abysmal First Round showing against the Nuggets. In his final appearance that season, he went 0-2 with 4 fouls. The Hornets lost by 58. The young Thunder core showed promise - Kevin Durant took big steps as a sophomore, Russell Westbrook made the All-Rookie First Team, Thabo Sefolosha was strong defensively and we didnt know how full of shit Jeff Green was yet (he somehow never got better after his age 22 season of 16. 5 points on 44. 6/38. 9/78. 8 shooting splits. But at the time of the trade, the Thunder were about 10 games away from being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. In the post-Process world, Chandler would have been the perfect pickup. A veteran presence in the locker room, making enough to lift the salary floor but too injured for the next few months to make a difference. His contract would come off the books in at the end of the 2010-2011 season, just in time to clear cap space for Durants first extension. Worst-case scenario, Presti couldve written him off for the season, held him as an expiring or shipped him off to the Knicks for six first-rounders. The Thunder had received a future Defensive Player of the Year for nothing. And they sent him back. The 2009-2010 NBA Season In 2009-2010 real-life Chandler eeked our 51 games, sharing starting duties with Nazr Mohammed. and 36-year-old Theo Ratliff. on a Charlotte then-Bobcats team that somehow won 44 games before being swept by Orlando in the First Round. Several states over, Durant became the youngest scoring leader in history and finished second in MVP voting. Westbrook stepped up in his second season (particularly with his playmaking) scoring MIP votes. Rookies James Harden (that summers 3rd overall pick) Serge Ibaka (finally bought out from his contract in Spain) and Eric Maynor (a mid-season acquisition from Utah) aptly filled bench roles. Jeff Green stayed the same. Their 50-32 record “earned” them the 8 seed. where they took the champion Lakers to 6 in the First Round. Chandlers toe has not yet swung a title. The 2010-2011 NBA Season Despite a tough schedule to start the season, the real Thunder hit the ground running in 2010-2011, taking 55 wins and the opportunity to play for a spot in the Finals. They were potent offensively but had issues on the other end of the floor. This was in large part to the gap at Centre, which coach Scott Brooks tried filling with Nenad Krstić and Nick Collison. When this proved ineffective Presti shipped starters Krstić and Jeff Green to Boston for Kendrick Perkins, Nazr Mohammed and Nate Robinson at the deadline. Perkins size, rebounding and size always made sense in the veteran, tough-it-out Boston system, to the extent that his injury may have swung the 2010 title. Ironically, Boston needed him this year more than any, where he would have proved useful in occupying the paint for LeBron and Wades drives instead of injured Shaq, Krstić and Jermaine ONeal. But he was a negative in OKC, spending entire playoff series clogging up the paint and stifling his athletic young teammates attempts at driving into the paint. Instead of offensive freedom, Durant, Westbrook (not somebody who should ever take a pull-up 3) Harden (possibly the leagues all-time greatest drawer of contact) and Ibaka (the perfect rim-diving big) sat in the midrange and beyond, doubled by Perkins man any time they penetrated. Instead, imagine Chandler positioned on the weak-side, ready to throw in the lob from a doubled Durant. Imagine Harden-Chandler pick and rolls. Imagine him doing anything other than standing there. At the time, playing Perkins was indefensible. In the spacing and analytics era, its beyond basketball suicide. Twilight zone Chandler joins a Westbrook-Sefolosha-Durant-Green starting unit with Harden-Ibaka-Collison-Maynor off the bench. The Chandler-anchored Mavs – a team whose crunch-time 5 featured Dirk (never a defensive stopper) an undersized Jason Terry (ditto) old man Kidd (smart but old) and Shawn Marion (solid, but not a lockdown defender) – forced the Heat into long jumpers, walling off the paint and cut off driving lanes with their hybrid zone-man defensive schemes. Image what he couldve done with Ibaka, Durant, Sefolosha and co. At this time, even the later notoriously bad defenders (Harden and Westbrook) were still young and trying. Heres where it gets interesting. The duality of Chandler alters the universe with his presence and his absence. The 2011 Western Conference had a definite top 4. The high-powered Nuggets offence leaked points on the other end. The Blazers and now Chandler-less Hornets were cute – Brandon Roys last great moment happened against the Mavs in the First Round, and a still-likable CP3 lead the league in steals after an interrupted year prior – but neither had the strength or depth to challenge the Spurs, Lakers, Mavs, Thunder. Were here. Brendan Haywood, Ian Mahinmi and untraded Erick Dampier are not enough to offset the cosmic alterations caused by the Tyson trade. What does Dirk do without his 2011 coronation? Does he ring-chase, end up in L. A. or Miami or Oakland? Do we get a Dirk-Nash duo for one final run? Without Chandler, we still call Dirk soft. Without Chandler, and the defence that he anchored, Dallas doesnt win the NBA Title. With the Mavs out of the picture, the Conference falls wide open. The Spurs, sitting nicely at 61-21, still go down in the First Round to a lovably ugly Grizzlies team. The real Lakers were the defending champs, but were clearly broken, bowing in a shameful flurry of flagrant fouls. Without the Mavs in their way, the Laker talent flounders into a Conference Finals berth against the Thunder. Our Western Conference champs are either the fragile Lakers or the inexperienced Thunder. We were wondering if OKC was ready for the Finals in 2012. The year prior, with an average age of 23. 7, the Thunder are the youngest team in the league. Maybe we get that final shot of the young big three embracing each other a full year early and have them return a year wiser in 2012. Maybe an earlier Finals appearance convinces Presti to GODDAM KEEP THEM TOGETHER. Maybe we get the Kobe-LeBron finals we always wanted. Maybe Kobe drags his dying dynasty to his 6th title and having vanquished his greatest opponent – who is flanked by a star-studded supporting cast – garners legitimate GOAT buzz. Maybe we get neither and the Heat roll to the title (most likely. Maybe the Heat, their offseason moves validated by an unchallenged championship, never evolve into the monster that rolled off a 27-game win streak 2 years later. Or maybe, with the pressure of climbing the mountain lifted, LeBron and the Heatles ascend to a higher form of basketball. Is LeBron, publicly perceived to not have ‘earned his ring, treated like Warriors Durant was in our world? Or is he revered without the 2011 “choke” staining his resume? The 2011-2012 NBA Season Chandlers contract expired at the end of the 2010-2011 season, with Mark Cuban infamously choosing to break up the defending champs. Chandler signed with the Knicks for 4 years, with a salary around 55-58 million. According to Basketball Reference, that first year salary sat at a little over 13 million, a large sum. Particularly large for a small-market team like OKC. But dont forget, this is a universe where Kendrick Perkins, Nazr Mohammed and Krypto-Nates salaries (about 15. 37 million) sit elsewhere. In this universe, an “overpaid” Chandler saves them 2 million. And yes, choices would have to be made. OKC would have to pay Westbrook the following season, and Harden and Ibaka the season after that. But the Thunder had them on rookie deals until then and owned their Bird rights for an extension after that. Contending with Chandler, the Thunder can focus on taking the title, knowing that they could always reconfigure on the fly. Maybe with Chandler protecting the inside they trade Ibaka instead. Maybe the Thunder let Chandler walk, but unanchored by his or Perkins' salary are able to retain Harden. Maybe the Knicks are dumb and bite on Chandler anyways Maybe the Thunder pay the tax. Is that too much to ask? In 2011-2012 alone they could build the team around MVP runner-up Durant and All-NBA sidekick Westbrook, complimented by fellow starters Chandler (that year's DPOY) Ibaka (All-Defense First Team) and Sefolosha. A bench rotation of Harden (Sixth Man of the Year) old man Derek Fisher (still capable of the biggest shot in a playoff series) Maynor, Collison (rebounder/chemist) and rookie Reggie Jackson. In later years they fill that team with buyouts and vet minimums guys. A loaded team with the size and length to smother the Spurs and the speed to go small against Miami - what could opponents do? Would we have been treated to the Spurs Renaissance? What level does LeBron have to reach to beat them? Do the Warriors get over the hump against what is effectively a better version of the 2016 Thunder team that had them on the ropes - a long, athletic defensive team designed to challenge every shot and pound you on the defensive end? Does Steph guard Russ or Harden? As Perkins sat on that bench for almost 5 years, wouldnt they have been better off with Chandler, or at least a 260-pound pile of wet clay? Maybe Im giving Presti too much credit. Maybe it wouldve been a salary mess after 2012. Thunder what-ifs have been done to death. But I know this. One misguided toe assessment altered NBA history. If the trade is cleared, we look at Dirk an entirely different way. Duncan, Kobe and LeBron are either elevated or demoted from pantheon status. And those Thunder kids – KD, Russ, Harden, Ibaka and Chandler – might just have climbed the mountain.

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Watch full length that higher level math. Watch full length that higher level quotes. Watch full length that higher level english. You are fantastic Jonny M! Pls more ; 💪🏻. Height: 6-foot-5, Weight: 265 pounds Grade: 96, Previous rank: 1 Despite missing two games, Young led the nation in sacks with 16. 5, tied for fourth in tackles for loss (21. 0) and ranked second in forced fumbles (6. Let those numbers sink in for a minute. He has quickness and above-average bend, and he flashes the ability to convert speed to power, though he still has room for a little improvement getting off blocks. And I currently have a higher grade on Young than I had on former Buckeyes pass-rushers Joey and Nick Bosa. He best fits as a 4-3 defensive end, but he has experience dropping into coverage and could end up converting to a 3-4 outside linebacker role. He is head and shoulders above the rest of the edge rushers in the class. Height: 6-4, Weight: 216 Grade: 93, Previous rank: 2 Burrow appeared to be a fringe NFL prospect in August but is now perhaps the No. 1 overall pick. He made quicker decisions with the football in his senior season, displaying complete control of the LSU offense and extending plays. And he has elite anticipatory accuracy throwing into tight windows, as evidenced by an FBS-best 76. 3% completion percentage. His pocket presence and toughness really stand out to me. He moves around the pocket like a pro, sensing pressure and protecting the football all while keeping his eyes downfield. And when he takes a hit, he pops right up. Burrow finished the 2019 season No. 1 in the nation in passing yards (5, 671) passing touchdowns (60) and Total QBR (94. 9. Height: 6-1, Weight: 200 Grade: 93, Previous rank: 4 A big, long corner, Okudah has smooth hips and quick feet. He occasionally lunges, but he also shows the ability to recover quickly in press coverage with his athleticism. He has the tools to become a No. 1 corner. I love his versatility, as he lines up on both sides and in the slot while helping out in run defense. In 14 games, Okudah hauled in 3 interceptions. including a highlight-reel-worthy snag. and he had 35 tackles, 2 forced fumbles and 9 pass breakups. Height: 6-4, Weight: 225 Grade: 93, Previous rank: 5 The biggest question about Simmons at this point: What position does he play at the next level? He's a bulked-up, converted safety who can play all over. corner, safety, linebacker. because of his excellent athleticism. He has smooth hips and long arms, and he is pretty talented in coverage. He did it all this season: 8. 0 sacks, 102 tackles, 16 tackles for loss, 8 pass breakups, 3 interceptions and 1 forced fumble in 15 games. Simmons is exactly the type of player NFL defenses are looking for in today's game. Height: 6-5, Weight: 318 Grade: 92, Previous rank: 6 Brown is an easy mover for his size and does a good job locating the ball. He has quick hands, though he needs to be more effective with them. Brown has some versatility but probably ends up as a 3-technique in a one-gap-heavy scheme in the NFL. He had 4. 0 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 55 tackles (12. 5 for loss) and 4 pass breakups this season. Against Florida in October, the big man returned two fumbles for 53 total yards. and it would have been more had he kept his balance on one of them while breaking down the sideline. Height: 6-6, Weight: 310 Grade: 92, Previous rank: 14 Kinlaw had six sacks in 2019. He is twitchy with a quick first step and some good initial power to walk offensive linemen back, though I think he needs to develop a better counter off his bull rush. Kinlaw has a good motor, but I would like to see a little more nastiness fighting through double-teams. He waves the white flag a bit too early. He fits best in a one-gap-heavy scheme and is at his best when active as a run defender. He's a physical freak and showed just how much havoc he can create while at the Senior Bowl. If he ends up on the right team and is developed properly, he can be a premier interior lineman. Height: 6-1, Weight: 192 Grade: 92, Previous rank: 3 Jeudy is a really fun prospect to watch. He's a truly polished route runner with soft hands, and he does an excellent job tracking the deep ball. Although he doesn't have elite size and strength, Jeudy should be an immediate impact player in the NFL. Consider that he had 77 catches for 1, 163 yards and 10 touchdowns even while playing alongside other big-time playmakers. He fell short of 50 receiving yards only twice in 13 games and ended his season with a 204-yard outburst against Michigan in the Citrus Bowl. Height: 6-5, Weight: 320 Grade: 92, Previous rank: 23 The Crimson Tide's right tackle had a huge 2019 season, outplaying Alex Leatherwood for most of the year. Wills has good size and is strong at the point of attack, though his mobility is limited. He displays a good base and anchor, and he is a nasty finisher. Wills projects as a right tackle or guard in the NFL. Height: 6-1, Weight: 218 Grade: 91, Previous rank: 7 Tagovailoa's season ended when he suffered a dislocated hip and posterior wall fracture, but he is expected to make a full recovery. NFL teams will have to take his medical concerns. along with his previous durability concerns as a whole. into serious consideration. But he is a special talent. The lefty has elite accuracy at all three levels, a smooth delivery, solid arm strength and excellent touch. And his anticipation and fast eyes are high end. One thing to watch post injury will be whether Tagovailoa regains his suddenness and the ability to keep his feet aligned with his eyes as he moves quickly and smoothly through his progressions. He ended his season with 2, 840 passing yards, 33 touchdown passes (tied for eighth in the FBS) and only 3 interceptions. His 94. 6 Total QBR was second in the nation, and he completed 71. 4% of his passes (fifth. Height: 6-2, Weight: 191 Grade: 91, Previous rank: 9 Lamb is an above-average route runner with excellent separation skills and the ability to settle into pockets when facing zone coverage. He has some wheels to challenge vertically, the hands and body control to haul in the pass, and the instincts to create after the catch. his 21. 4 yards per catch ranked No. 3 in the country. Lamb hauled in at least one touchdown in nine of his 13 games this season, giving him 14 (tied for fifth in the FBS) with an additional rushing score, and he caught 63 passes overall for 1, 327 yards (sixth. As a bonus, he can return punts. Height: 6-1, Weight: 202 Grade: 91, Previous rank: 10 Primarily an outside corner who is at his best in man-to-man coverage, Henderson possesses smooth hips and easy speed. he doesn't stress to stay in stride with receivers going vertical. Henderson locates the ball well and displays good ball skills, breaking up 11 passes this season. Run support and physicality at the line of scrimmage are his weaknesses (only 33 tackles in nine games) but those will improve as he gets stronger. Height: 6-4, Weight: 305 Grade: 90, Previous rank: 13 Blacklock is one of the more underrated prospects in the country. He missed the entire 2018 season with an Achilles injury, but he returned in 2019 with 40 tackles, 3. 5 sacks and 9 tackles for loss. He is an athletic lineman with great size and power, and he plays with good effort. Height: 6-3, Weight: 203 Grade: 90, Previous rank: 8 A smooth safety, Delpit has good speed and ball skills. He shows great instincts on the back end (two interceptions and seven pass breakups) but he's inconsistent as a tackler. He had 65 tackles, including 4. 5 for loss, in 2019. Delpit is really effective in an overhang position, where he can play closer to the line of scrimmage and affect the game against the run and pass. Height: 6-6, Weight: 237 Grade: 90, Previous rank: 18 The big quarterback has a huge arm and good mobility, and in that regard he reminds me a little of the Bills' Josh Allen. There's a whole lot of ability there, but Herbert needs to iron out some decision-making issues. Establishing consistency in his game was a real problem this season, and the more tape I watch, the more it concerns me. But a great showing at the Senior Bowl upped his draft stock, as he was in full control of the offense all week and exhibited some leadership qualities that scouts had been looking for. During the 2019 season, Herbert threw for 3, 471 yards, 32 scores. tied for 11th in FBS. and only 6 interceptions. Height: 5-9, Weight: 215 Grade: 90, Previous rank: 16 His game is all about explosion. He's a one-cut-and-go type who just explodes through the line of scrimmage, rushing for 1, 218 yards and 7 touchdowns this season. But Swift also has good hands and can run routes as a pass-catcher (24 receptions for 216 yards and a score) which is unusual for a college running back. He is well-built with good strength, and if he gets going, he can be a real problem for opponents. However, he dances a little too much sometimes and gets into trouble. Height: 6-1, Weight: 200 Grade: 90, Previous rank: 22 McKinney is a real leader on defense, getting teammates lined up in the right scheme and then playing hard and showing toughness on every snap. In 13 games, McKinney had 3 sacks, 4 forced fumbles (tied for fifth in the nation) 3 interceptions, 5 passes broken up and 95 tackles. He shows really good range in coverage and fills alleys in the run game. Height: 6-4, Weight: 250 Grade: 89, Previous rank: 12 Chaisson is big, athletic and fast. His production was a bit inconsistent during the 2019 season, and he needs to add power to his game and refine countermoves. But he had 13. 5 tackles for loss and made 60 tackles in 13 games. Chaisson was a big riser late in the season, posting 4. 5 of his 6. 5 sacks in his final four games. Height: 6-7, Weight: 310 Grade: 89, Previous rank: NR I hadn't seen enough of Jones' tape during the season, but after a tremendous week at the Senior Bowl, I dug back in. He has good length, is very athletic and is tough to beat in pass protection. But I'd like to see the senior continue to get stronger. Jones has been the starter at left tackle for the Cougars since his freshman season. Height: 5-11, Weight: 200 Grade: 89, Previous rank: 17 Igbinoghene is a long and instinctive corner, and he displays great speed for his size. He made 42 tackles and broke up seven passes in 2019, though he did not have an interception. Height: 6-0, Weight: 190 Grade: 89, Previous rank: 15 Ruggs is a burner who explodes off the line of scrimmage and is savvy in his route running. He isn't afraid to work the middle of the field, but Ruggs needs to build strength to generate better late separation. Thanks to that elite speed and crisp cutting ability, he is a real threat to opposing defensive backs. Despite four games of fewer than 35 receiving yards this season, Ruggs had 7 touchdowns and 746 yards while averaging 18. 6 yards per catch. Height: 6-2, Weight: 234 Grade: 88, Previous rank: 30 Murray has elite straight-line speed and shows high-end closing burst. He plays with great effort and is a strong tackler, as evidenced by his 102 tackles, 17 tackles for loss (tied for 19th in the country) and 4 sacks this season. However, Murray lacks the man-to-man coverage skills you'd want to see from an inside linebacker in the NFL. Height: 6-3, Weight: 235 Grade: 88, Previous rank: NR I really love Baun's versatility and motor. He plays with great effort and has some shock in his hands coming off the edge. In 14 games, Baun had 12. 5 sacks (ninth in FBS) 19. 5 tackles for loss (tied for seventh) 76 tackles, an interception and 2 forced fumbles. Injuries have limited him over his college career, but NFL evaluators are starting to see his upside, especially after a strong Senior Bowl week. He is instinctive and has some quickness to his game. Height: 6-5, Weight: 252 Grade: 88, Previous rank: NR Lewis missed the 2018 season because of a torn ACL, but he is a menace off the edge, as evidenced by his 6 sacks, 11. 5 tackles for loss and 16 QB hurries in 11 games this season. He has the ideal size, speed and athleticism to develop into an every-down edge rusher in the NFL. But Lewis is a pure speed rusher, and he needs to be more consistent using his hands and could get a little stronger. Height: 6-6, Weight: 280 Grade: 88, Previous rank: 32 Epenesa is an active hand fighter and displays good effort when rushing the passer, getting his arms in passing lanes. He has the strength. and size. to set the edge against the run when he needs to. But Epenesa lacks lower-body flexibility and closing speed, and he still needs a little improvement getting off blocks. He produced 11. 5 sacks (tied for 11th in the FBS) and 4 forced fumbles (tied for fifth) in 2019, and he was on a tear to close the season, with 8. 0 sacks in his final five games. Height: 6-5, Weight: 322 Grade: 88, Previous rank: NR Wirfs has the ability to shoot his hands and lock on in pass protection, and he's athletic enough to mirror when he wins with his hands. But he loses inside-outside leverage at times, and explosive speed rushers give him some issues. Wirfs can move defenders off the ball, but he's not a fundamentally sound run-blocker at this point. His initial footwork and angles are inconsistent, and he plays on his toes and leans. Wirfs grades out as an intriguing right tackle with good upside yet lacks polish. Height: 6-3, Weight: 192 Grade: 88, Previous rank: 19 Jefferson established himself as Burrow's go-to guy in the passing game, racking up 1, 540 yards (third in the FBS) and 18 touchdowns (second) on 111 catches (tied for first. In the Tigers' two playoff games alone, he caught 23 balls for 333 yards and four scores. Jefferson doesn't have elite physical tools, but he has good size and speed, and he will continue getting bigger and stronger. I really like the way he adjusts his routes, coming back to his quarterback on scrambles and finding windows in zone coverage. He has the ability to generate late separation and make contested catches. Height: 6-4, Weight: 205 Grade: 88, Previous rank: 20 I like Higgins' game a lot. He's an athletic playmaker who will catch anything in his neighborhood, as shown by his 59 catches for 1, 167 yards and 13 touchdowns (tied for seventh in the FBS) this season. His 19. 8 yards per catch tied for seventh in the country. Higgins doesn't have elite speed and still has some work to do getting off press coverage, but he has tremendous size. And he can make guys miss with his strength. If you need an example, just rewatch his rushing score in the national title game. Height: 6-7, Weight: 369 Grade: 88, Previous rank: NR Becton is a massive right tackle with versatility. And while he has some limitations in pass protection and isn't an elite athlete, he moves well for his size and sets a strong anchor with his wide frame once he's in position. In the run game, Becton is a pile-mover, flashing the ability to move defenders off the ball and neutralize linebackers when he climbs to the second level. Height: 6-5, Weight: 320 Grade: 87, Previous rank: 11 Thomas is a powerful left tackle who will need some time to develop his hands and footwork, but you can see the strong movement and natural ability. Although he will occasionally give up some ground to bull-rushers, he shows initial pop. His game is raw, but the athleticism and potential are there. Height: 6-2. Weight: 220 Grade: 87, Previous rank: 24 This guy is a real strength for any offense. Shenault can play any receiver position and is terrific with the ball in his hands. Don't expect him to run a normal route tree, instead snagging a lot of short catches underneath. He is good on contested balls, and his ability to create after the catch stands out as a plus trait. Shenault will need time to develop and learn effective deep routes, but his short-area quickness is something else. He had 56 catches for 764 yards and 23 carries for 161 yards in 11 games, and he had 6 total touchdowns. Height: 6-1, Weight: 206 Grade: 87, Previous rank: 29 His 65 catches for 1, 192 yards (15th in the nation) and eight touchdowns had Aiyuk turning heads during the season. The big receiver comes with great versatility, lining up in the slot and on the outside. Aiyuk has been really good after the reception, aiding his 18. 3 yards per catch, and he has certainly developed as a route runner. He has pretty good speed, which shows in his explosive return game. he had 446 kickoff return yards and 226 more returning punts. Height: 6-4, Weight: 225 Grade: 87, Previous rank: NR The fourth-year junior still has work to do processing in the pocket and protecting the football, as evidenced by a 20-17 touchdown-interception ratio this season. But he has great size, a live arm and the ability to extend plays with his legs. And let's not forget he's only a year removed from 32 touchdowns and six interceptions in 2018, before the Aggies lost most of their offensive weapons. When his feet are right and he's in balance, Love can be very accurate. He threw for 3, 402 yards this season and was impressive all week at the Senior Bowl.

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