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user rating: 8,2 of 10 stars Richard O'Brien genre: Musical Duration: 106 minute actor: Ben Forster

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I really enjoyed this. Obviously, it's not as good as being in the audience, although it is a better production than most that I have seen, and it's not as good as being in the audience participation shows - something I did for around 18 months in the late 80s.
The cast is excellent and I really enjoyed the rotating narrators, although there was one I wasn't familiar with, and have since found out was in British Bake Off or something. And while based on the original stage show, it has been influenced by the film - the interaction being the cast (especially the narrators) and the audience worked well. The only negative for me is David Bedella. He was really good in the role, but he's not Tim Curry, and Tim Curry will always be Frank for me.ël-en-enfer-english-subtitle-1280p-tamil-directors-bob-hardison.htmlømmen-om-danmark-without-registering-mkv-torrents-documentary.html




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