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Tomatometer=6,8 / 10 star
Countries=Hong Kong
Release year=2006
Writer=Dennis Law
summary=Hak kuen is a movie starring Jing Wu, Ronald Cheng, and Miki Yeung. A young man learns the fighting techniques of Sanda from a coach. The two become best friends as the young man prepares to enter an underground tournament

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Jacky Wu plays a kung fu champion whose skills are apparently performance only (i.e. all technical with zero combat experience) yet when he feels pressured by the girl wooing him to provide, he goes against his moral code of using his skills for violence to compete in an illegal street fight. Naturally, one easy win tempts another fight, for more money, and so, things quickly descend. br> On the surface this is an above-average film (thanks to Jacky Wu's typically excellent fight scenes) but by the time the final credits roll, the subtleties of the way the characters acted and said certain things becomes clear and it's this aspect which lifts the script from something very enjoyable to something brilliant. Others may (quite foolishly) refer to all this as superfluous, or insult the writer for adding unnecessary dramatic elements, but for me, this screenplay involved more psychology than 90% of drama. and they're as boring as hell too!
In terms of action or great fight sequences this may not be Jacky Wu's best film, however, in terms of depth and entertainment, it rates up there with the best flicks released in the same year, all genres, all nations. My only problem was that a K1 fighter would very doubtfully engage in such a showy form and would be hardly likely to use kung fu techniques at all (karate, kickboxing or muay Thai would have been expected.
A good film well worth watching with a lot more to it than I've bothered to brush upon here. I'm personally now looking out for more Ronald Cheng (Captain) flicks as his acting and martial arts skills were impressive.

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